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All Roads Lead to Polygon Twitter Spaces: How it Started & Where We Are Today

July 4th 2023

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Frens… the Polygon ecosystem has been growing exponentially, becoming a major contender in the Layer-2 space. QuickSwap has always been Polygon-native and is proud to be the leading DEX on the network, with our dragons helping spark adoption!

As Polygon continues to rise and innovate as a chain, it’s more important than ever for users, builders, and leaders to unite so we all work together to propel initiatives forward. Collaboration is the ultimate key to success, so it’s essential that we all join forces to stay ahead of the curve.

With that, the ARLTP (All Roads Lead to Polygon) Twitter Spaces series was born! Starting in March 2023, your fellow QuickSwap dragons hosted the first of what would become a mega spaces event, bringing together the brightest minds & biggest fans across the Polygon ecosystem. More importantly, it’s a fun environment where everyone can speak their mind & talk about themselves or their project!

Every week since early March, the QuickSwap core team (Co-Founders Roc Zacharias & Sameep Singhania, along with Aztec from the LDA team) have helped host the spaces & bring the energy to the purple crew.

We’ve come a long way since day 1 and want to commemorate our progress so far, plus we want to thank all of the individuals & projects who have spoken or listened in… all of you are what truly make this special!

 Here’s a quick overview of some of the incredible milestones we’ve achieved to date:

  • 16 episodes & counting (March - June 2023)
  • 453,100+ cumulative listeners/attendees
  • Hundreds of flagship Polygon ecosystem project speakers & attendees


Read on to dive deeper into the history of ARLTP & how you can ride the purple wave with us!


Episode 1: Where it All Began

March 9th marked the first official ARLTP Twitter Spaces where we brought 100+ Polygon ecosystem projects together to discuss the network’s past, present, and future!

3.8K people tuned in to listen to the likes of Sandeep Nailwal, Aavegotchi, Animoca, Magic Eden, Floki, Degods, and other big names taking the stage. The event lasted for almost 3 hours as we dug deep into the landscape and allowed each individual/project to speak about their contributions to the ecosystem.


Such a fun time and exciting way to kick things off! Since then, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in attendees & hype for the series.

Play the recording back to get a glimpse into a piece of history: 


March 2023: Following the Purple Tide

Since the first ARLTP episode was such a slam dunk, we decided to continue the craze and hop straight into the new few!

Next came Episode 2, where we talked with Polygon Labs about the Immutable partnership, zkEVM mainnet beta launch, and other key topics. We nearly tripled the number of listeners since the last spaces, hitting 8.3K total! Not bad, eh?

We finished off the month of March with Episode 3, where we dove even deeper into the zkEVM mainnet beta launch & Polygon’s future. Attendance was even higher for this one, hitting 13.2K listeners (about a 1.5x from the previous week)!


April 2023: Keep Rollin’

April kicked off with a bang as we went live with Episode 4, which was focused on everything about Polygon NFTs! For all you dedicated Polygon OGs and community members, if you’ve been following the NFT scene, you’ll know that Polygon has been stealing the show in the non-fungible pixel world. This Twitter Spaces amassed 24.9K listeners, almost a 2x from Episode 3 - pretty massive progress if you ask us!

Shortly after in mid-April came Episode 5, where we explored GameFi on Polygon with some of the network’s top projects & frens! And yes… you guessed it - the trend continued with almost a 2x in listeners (again), hitting 40K+ audience members!

As you all know, QuickSwap is big on blockchain tech and always looking to innovate. That’s where the inspiration came in for Episode 6, where we brought everyone together to discuss the latest Polygon tech & infrastructure. 13.6K community members showed up to get the full scoop on all the happenings.

Last but not least came Episode 7 to conclude our first full month hosting these spaces. Dragons love decentralisation & community, so what better way to spur conversation than to make the topic about DAOs?? This ARLTP spaces brought in our highest attendance numbers to date, with 66.9K listeners!!


May 2023: Springtime Shines #onPolygon

Who doesn’t love the Spring season? The sun is shining, birds are chirping, dragons roaring… and more importantly, ARLTP continued on!

 Polygon has been advancing DeFi in spectacular ways, especially over the past few years as they’ve grown & advanced in nearly all facets of their ecosystem. To further explore this, Episode 8 of ARLTP was all about DeFi. We saw some impressive numbers in attendee count, with 39.3K people joining!!

Next came Episode 9 as we talked about Polygon OGs, and we brought on some of the largest & most influential projects such as Multichain, Decentral Games, Aavegotchi, PolyDoge, and more. 43.5K people tuned in to get a glimpse of what the big boys were up to!

They say the 10th time’s a charm… and they’re not wrong. Episode 10 was dedicated to the community & SocialFi, where we brought aboard the likes of BitKeep Wallet, Layer3, DappRadar, EverRise, Dew, and more friends to talk about what they’ve been doing in the space from a community standpoint. With over 24.8K listeners, it was a banger for sure! 

Episode 11 was dedicated to decentralisation, featuring speakers like ApeSwap, Phantom Wallet, Aragon, Petobots, Pluto, ZenGo Wallet, Gamma, and more. For this spaces, 48.6K users joined to hear all about what these projects are doing about decentralisation across the Polygon ecosystem. 


June 2023: Purple Love Spreading Like Wildfire

We’re now in June 2023 & have continued to see interest rising for our ARLTP Twitter Spaces. So what did we do? Keep the train moving, of course!

Episode 12 was dedicated to Polygon’s latest infrastructure, named “zkEVM Explosion.” We invited projects building specifically on zkEVM to take the center stage & talk about their products & updates. It was really cool to see what the ecosystem was up to - we also talked about QuickPerps & what we’re doing to boost on-chain activity for zkEVM since launch. 56.2K listeners tuned in for what was a rootin’ tootin’ time!

Then came Episode 13, as we looked to discuss the sentiment & happenings in the AI blockchain space. AI has been a hot topic over the past few weeks, with new groundbreaking tech coming to the forefront and changing the way we interact, do business, and more. So we thought we’d talk about it, and the showing wasn’t too shabby - 25.2K listeners!

Next we hosted Episode 14, where we brought on famous politicians, lawyers, and blockchain projects to discuss regulation & the current environment when it comes to crypto. It was such a hot topic in June with everything going on that we had to bring it up, and the spaces got over 26.6K listeners!

Episode 15 was all about security, since it’s been the talk of the town recently across the blockchain space. We were joined by tons of projects like Floki, EverRise, Dogechain, De.Fi, Lossless, and more! 18.4K listeners attended for over 3 hours as we dove deep into the topic!

Last but not least (until the next episode of course) was Episode 16 for DAO Data Week. Co-hosted alongside Polygon, we rounded up top-of-the-line projects and industry leaders to talk about DAO data and the fundamental principles of these ecosystems. What a great way to wrap up the end of June!!



Join the ARLTP Army

And here we stand, folks. We’ve witnessed such impressive growth & high community sentiment since the start of our ARLTP Twitter Spaces, and it’s been a truly incredible journey so far.

We’ll continue to host these spaces weekly, every Friday at 3:00 PM UTC, to bring in more Polygon frens & give the network the attention it truly deserves.


Make sure to keep an eye out for these spaces weekly, set a reminder, and tune in on Fridays so you can catch all the important deets.

Until next time, frens!