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QuickSwap’s New UI Alpha $50,000 Bug Bounty

February 9th 2022

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  • After several months of development, QuickSwap open-sourced the code for our new UI last Thursday
  • The alpha of our new UI will be useable tomorrow, on Thursday, February 10th
  • This bug bounty will run from now until the audit of our code is complete sometime between February 24th and March 3rd
  • QuickSwap is offering a bounty (paid in $QUICK) to anyone who finds a security vulnerability in our code base and reports it privately.
  • All rewards are at the discretion of the team
  • To report a bug, please fill out this form with as much detailed information as possible
  • Warning: QuickSwap’s front end is still under audit. Users are encouraged to experiment with the new UI at their own risk


QuickSwap’s New UI

To help ensure the security of QuickSwap’s new User Interface, we’re inviting security auditors to help us find any bugs or security vulnerabilities in our new UI codebase.

The source code for the User Interface can be found here:


Timeline & Rewards

This bug bounty will continue from now until our official audit is complete, which we anticipate will be between February 24th and March 3rd.

All rewards are subject to the team’s discretion. Rewards will be paid in $QUICK tokens on the Polygon Network with amounts of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,0000, depending on the extent of the vulnerability discovered. QuickSwap will pay a maximum of $50,000 for any and all bug bounties.


Eligibility & Reporting

To be eligible for any bug bounty reward, auditors must report the vulnerability directly to the QuickSwap team and not disclose it publicly.

To report a bug, please fill out this form with as much detailed information as possible. Generally a good description of the bug is enough, but the more information you can provide, the quicker it is to resolve (which our busy team really appreciates). Remember, all rewards are subject to the team’s discretion.


Let us know what features you’d most like to see in QuickSwap’s new user interface. Remember to join us across social media to stay up-to-date on all things QuickSwap — Polygon’s most-established DEX.

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