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QuickSwap Governance Discussion: Should We Add a Build-a-Farm Feature Powered by Cryption Network?

July 8th 2022

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Update On July 15th, 2022, QuickSwap’s community voted in favor of this proposal.

Financial primitives are the backbone of DeFi. Primitives are protocols that consist of lending/borrowing, continuously compounding interest, and basically any financial product that can be created from code. At some point in their development, almost all of these products/projects rely on liquidity mining incentives to build liquidity for their asset(s), increase their value propositions, and generate demand. The problem is that currently, liquidity mining rewards require that a DEX offers them, and particularly in a bear market, DEXs aren’t able to offer incentivised LPs for every project that wants them. That’s why we’d like to discuss the possibility of adding a Build-a-Farm feature built by the Cryption Network to our UI. This Build-a-Farm feature would allow projects to create their own multi-reward, fully customisable, time and rate-controlled staking and farming contracts instantly and permissionlessly.


  • QuickSwap wants to allow protocols to build their own farms to incentivise LPs using any whitelisted token
  • We would like to start a discussion about the possibility of introducing Build-a-Farm, powered by Cryption Network (CNT)
  • There are many advantages to adding a Build-a-Farm Feature
  • If the community votes to add Build-a-Farm to QuickSwap, protocols will be able to fund their own LP rewards
  • Additionally, Build-a-Farm will be good for QUICK because it will allow us to lower emissions while making QuickSwap a more attractive place for protocols to host their own incentivised liquidity pools
  • The Dapp Factory, powered by Cryption Network, has experience building such platforms, has already begun building this feature and will be ready to launch it within weeks if the community votes in favor
  • The code for this feature is complete and has already been audited
  • We value your input, which is why we’re introducing this discussion before conducting a governance vote
  • We would like to move quickly and hopefully pass this proposal so that Cryption can finalise the details of the platform and launch it
  • Please read through this entire document carefully before forming an opinion
  • Once you’ve read through, visit our Reddit discussion forum to ask any questions and chat with the community


Dragonites, today we’re introducing a discussion about something that we believe will benefit all QUICK holders, QuickSwap users, and protocols who want to build on Polygon. We would like to add a Build-a-Farm feature that Cryption Network is building to our UI. We believe that this platform will offer many advantages and next-to-no disadvantages for our DEX and community.

What is Cryption Network?

The aim of Cryption Network is to make the DeFi and Web3 experience pleasant for the masses through ease and accessibility. Their slogan “One network, one token, many applications.”

What is Dapp Factory?

Dapp Factory is powered by Cryption Network. It’s a multichain, decentralised SaaS platform for crypto protocols. It’s a go-to, no-code platform for quickly deploying and managing general-purpose legos of any crypto product including IDOs, presales, token vesting schedules, staking, farming, and more. Dapp Factory is a 100% trustless, fully configurable service that allows users to create presales and launch their own projects complete with vesting schedules and whitelists, in addition to offering assistance with connections, expertise, and community outreach.

Dapp Factory’s smart contract has already been audited by Quill Audit Reports.


What is Build-a-Farm?

Liquidity mining rewards are one of the most widely used DeFi legos, which protocols rely upon to build liquidity, generate demand, and increase their project’s value.

The problem DEXs are unable to offer incentivised liquidity pools for every project that wants them.

The solution Build-a-Farm is a feature that will allow projects to fund their own liquidity mining rewards instantly and permissionlessly while gaining exposure to QuickSwap’s huge 15–20k daily active users and offering their token(s) and liquidity farming to the masses.

How would the Build-a-Farm feature work?

If the community were to vote in favor of QuickSwap adding the Build-a-Farm feature to our UI

  • Any protocol would be able to manage their own liquidity mining rewards
  • Protocols would be able to reward their LP pair(s) with any whitelisted token
  • Only white-listed protocols would appear directly on QuickSwap (more on our vetting procedures for whitelisting below)
  • Protocols that are not white-listed would appear only on their own sites and Dapp Factory’s site
  • Using the Build-a-Farm feature would be 100% free for white-listed tokens
  • Non-whitelisted tokens would be subject to a $1250 fee, which would be paid directly to Dapp Factory

If this governance vote passes, we will provide a detailed tutorial about how to use it when it launches.

How to get whitelisted on QuickSwap (vetting procedures)

Being whitelisted on QuickSwap means that your token shows up in our default token list with its logo. In general, we require that your token meets 3 conditions to be considered for whitelisting

  1. An audit
  2. A minimum of $100k liquidity
  3. A minimum of $10k average daily trading volume

These conditions are all for community safety. The audit requirement is self-explanatory. Conditions 2 and 3 are to ensure that the community can safely trade the asset. Assets with less than $100k liquidity and $10k average daily volume can encounter issues such as slippage.

While these conditions aren’t hard and fast, meaning exceptions are sometimes made to attract larger projects and communities to our DEX, they are a good general rule of thumb. Additionally, QuickSwap would like to remind all users that a token being whitelisted is not an endorsement from us. As a permissionless DEX, QuickSwap holds the values of free-market capitalism. If the people want it, we want to provide it for them, but that doesn’t mean we think it is or is not a “good” asset to hold. We strongly encourage users to always DYOR.


Weighing the Pros & Cons

Every decision we make carries advantages and disadvantages. At QuickSwap, we believe that adding the Build-a-Farm feature that Cryption Network built will bring a lot of value with almost no downside risk.

What are the advantages of adding the Build-a-Farm feature?

  • Lowers QUICK/dQUICK emissions for LP mining rewards
  • Entices protocols to host their own incentivised liquidity pools on QuickSwap
  • Opens the door to further expansion opportunities including IDOs, presales, token vesting, staking services, POL/farming services, and more
  • Incentivises protocols to hold value on our DEX because we’ll be providing tools to manage their LP positions
  • Increased user engagement
  • Brings QuickSwap one step closer to achieving our DragonFi goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for DeFi on Polygon
  • Increases QuickSwap’s TVL and volume as it generates more economic activity
  • A new tool for users and developers
  • A stronger connection with the veteran builders behind Cryption Network and Dapp Factory
  • No change to QuickSwap’s UI/UX for users who chose not to engage with the Build-a-Farm feature
  • No need for QuickSwap’s development team to build or maintain the Build-a-Farm feature because Dapp Factory will manage that

What is the potential downside?

Predominantly, for those who chose not to use the Build-a-Farm feature, there is no downside to QuickSwap adding it; however, those who chose to provide liquidity for farms that are project-incentivised may encounter some risks, which include

  • Increased risk of volatility if an LP chooses to hold the white-listed asset(s) the project pays liquidity mining rewards in
  • Increased exposure to assets that may or may not succeed
  • Even though Dapp Factory has been extensively audited, the risk of smart contract failure will always exist. Please use with caution and only at your own risk

QuickSwap, Dapp Factory, Cryption Network, and all of our associates strongly encourage users to do their own research and never speculate with funds they can’t afford to lose.


How would QuickSwap adding Build-a-Farm impact me?

That’s one of the best parts this Build-a-Farm feature doesn’t have to impact you at all! Because Dapp Factory has already built the feature, QuickSwap’s development team has been able to focus on perfecting the new UI, testing our upcoming V3 ‘Concentrated Liquidity’ model, and building additional features that will contribute to the DragonFi ecosystem. If you don’t want to LP for pairs that are added through our Build-a-Farm feature, you don’t have to. Since anyone can use the Build-a-Farm feature to create an incentivised liquidity pool, it could significantly lower $QUICK emissions.

Everything you do on QuickSwap now will remain unchanged if this feature is added. If the community votes in favor of this proposal, you stand to lose nothing and gain additional opportunities.


Be sure to visit our Reddit discussion forum as your favorite team and community discuss this proposal. If the community seems on board, we’ll release a formal governance vote in a few days. If that vote passes, we’ll let Cryption Network know and get everything lined up to launch!

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By QuickSwap Official on July 8, 2022.

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