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Missed Our Community AMA Yesterday? Get Caught Up!

July 22nd 2021

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In a riveting AMA session yesterday, members of QuickSwap’s core team allowed the community to ask their questions in a truly open forum. The discussion encompassed everything from future plans for QUICK utility to governance and beyond. Since the conversation wasn’t linear, some might find it difficult to follow. Fear not though Dragonites! Here’s an easy-to-follow recap of yesterday’s AMA.

If you’d like to follow along and read the full conversation, you can do so by clicking here.

Tyler (QuickSwap BD): Alright everyone! @LDA_Roc and @sameepsi are here to answer any questions. First, I’d like to have them send a message about any updates they have for the community

Sameep: Finally, we are here doing an AMA on the request of the community. First of all I would like to thank our community for putting their trust in QS.

Roc: I’ll forward some of my messages from yesterday, and this can give people some ideas for questions as well.

Roc: We have hired a design team and have been working on the next website. We are starting with a landing page, then will redo the exchange portion of the website, and finally we will merge the two, which is something new for the industry that we think will improve upon other crypto websites. The industry is still so young that best practices are evolving rapidly, and we’d like to add to that.

We have a lot of things in the pipeline, but it’s important to release things at the right times. Generally releasing big news during red market days is not ideal. I am the CEO of LDA, and we have seen this a lot over the years. Sometimes patience is more important, but at the same time, when confidence is low, it’s important to release some things to keep the community happy in the meantime. We have been going back and forth on which things we should release now to keep people confident, but which we should hold onto until the market stops bleeding. These are hard decisions, but we have a solid plan and lots of experience with other projects in the past so we understand these cycles and market behavior/psychology. We are a marketing partner of Polygon and we were with them through the hardest times, when their token dropped below 1 penny. We tried releasing big news at red times, and it didn’t have the same hype as if we would’ve waited, so we learned to be patient about these things, and of course you can see Polygon patience paid off eventually.

In general, when the market is down, sentiment and psychology go to bad places. We will do our best to be here with you guys and update more on what we are doing so people don’t lose hope. I know price matters to everyone, but you have to look past that and think about fundamentals. I can’t discuss price directly, but in general, price always catches up to fundamentals eventually. Polygon was undervalued for so long, people had lost confidence in it because of that, but at the end of the day, the team kept their head down, worked their asses off, and kept building. Eventually the wider investment community understood when they saw what had been built. During these hard times, we must keep building, keep expanding our community, bringing more users, more volume, and more liquidity. We are doing really well in all of these areas. We are crushing competition of L2 DEXs still, and there isn’t even a close 2nd. Stay strong guys, this is just a cycle downturn, these things hurt, but if you’ve been through these cycles multiple times like we have, it doesn’t phase you.

We have some things coming that will really get everyone excited. Please be patient with us guys, and we’ll release when we believe the time is right. We’ll release some things soon also as stated above to keep people confident and excited about progress. Thanks everyone, we feel the pain too, and are fighting hard to keep our position as #1 DEX on Polygon, and #1 L2 DEX in the world period.

Sameep: These are hard times for us to hold on to our patience

Roc: There are a ton of things we’re doing to add volume. We always prioritise volume over liquidity. This is how we construct rewards each week, volume is a huge factor.

We are working on integrations with wallets and projects to use our DEX as their backend liquidity provider, this is how UniSwap has grown so strong, and has not been able to be taken out. We’ve recently been added to a bunch of wallets, and dapps are constantly integrating us as their liquidity provider. For example Telcoin is providing DeFi services to a mobile user base of I think 100mil+ people, and QuickSwap is the only DEX they are using as their backend for swaps and liquidity providing. Many other projects are doing the same. Volumes are massively down across the industry. Every single DEX and CEX volume is down massively. This is ok, we are still growing, and have new users every single day. Volume will pick up when the market turns up.

Additionally to integrations and equally important is bringing in new users through marketing, influencers, PR, campaigns, partnerships and collaborative marketing with our new listings, social media growth, cross tweeting with other projects like Polygon, Aave, promoting on Reddit, Discord, regional communities, which we hired around 18 new people to manage and grow, we also have been doing marketing and community growth to Asia, and have new Asian exchanges coming. Our Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese communities in particular are growing quickly, we have 3 Wechat Chinese communities totaling around 1000 members, we have a Chinese BD and outreach manager now who is doing great, and was just on a Polygon panel in China educating people about QuickSwap and Polygon in general. We are releasing 2 big community campaigns soon, that I’ll wait to say what they are so everyone can see the hype first hand. We are bringing on huge influencers on Tik Tok, and already have been working with big influencers on YouTube and Twitter. We send content to all of these influencers and keep them up to date with everything happening so they are well aware and support the project. Many of the biggest influencers in the space have been supporting QuickSwap and Polygon, Ivan on Tech, EllioTrades, Crypto Lark, Crypto Banter, etc. We’re talking to a handful more YouTube and Twitter influencers, and the real big one I think will be our South and Central American Tik Tok campaign which will target users in developing nations who will love trading crypto with no gas fees. We are in talks with around 10 exchanges, but want to make sure timing is correct on all of these. We have been in discussions/negotiations with around 6 Market Makers, in both CEX and DeFI areas, making sure we get this partnership right. We will run it by community governance vote when we are ready with negotiations and have chosen the best Market Maker.

We recently hired 3 new BD team members, and now have 6 people on our BD team which is probably the most important thing outside of marketing. This is how we bring in new projects, align marketing campaigns which our marketing team LDA executes. This is all on the BD and marketing side, not including dev work like the design team and other features we’re adding.

We haven’t been communicating this stuff well enough with you guys, and I apologise personally for that. It’s important that we not only are working in the background, but that we are also communicating it with the most important part of the project, you, the community. Without your support, QuickSwap is nothing.

Sameep: I think Roc just summarised the updates :)

Sameep: Some of the cool things that we are working on right now-

1. New website design

2. Adding new wallets

3. Adding support for on-ramp services

4. Integrating limit orders

5. Partnering up with IDO launchpads

6. Bringing ton of projects to QS

7. Exchange listings
BTW, we are holding on to lot of exciting stuff because we think market conditions are not right for the big announcements

Roc: Yes. Timing is very important.

And then the community questions started rolling in:

@Cokpat24: So governance is not at work and QuickSwap will stay centralised?

Sameep: Governance is already at work. For now we are using snapshots for community voting. We will have more votes in the coming weeks.

@Cokpat24: How can I make a proposal? Where is the forum for discussions?

Roc: For now, you can submit a proposal here, or on Reddit for discussion :)

@Cokpat24: I had 1k QUICK. I submit a proposal to you, and it was ignored.

Roc: Where did you submit your proposal?

@Cokpat24: In a DM with you and community admin.

Roc: I’ll check our messages. I can’t reply to all messages as I receive literally hundreds every day. I apologise if I miss some important ones. Appreciate your support Evgenii, I’ll take a look.

Pranjal (from QuickSwap’s discord team): We can open a governance section on our discord channel where users can post their proposals.The Team can then look into it. How does that sound?

Roc: Sounds great to me. Can you handle that please Pranjal.

@Cokpat24: That’s not a gov system. It’s when I have enough tokens, I can submit a proposal for voting. Not filtered by any centralised entity

Pranjal: People can share their ideas and discuss what proposals they think are good for the community. Then the holders can put their request through the team . That channel will be a medium for people to get their voices out.

Roc: Eventually we will have this yes. Early on in project’s growth, some team oversight is valuable, but the goal is to become more and more decentralised over time, same as Polygon has been doing. Eventually, treasury multisig will be the dao also. Currently multi sig is QuickSwap, LDA, Polygon executives, so no one company can do anything without the others agreeing.

@Cokpat24: My proposal was giving more QUICK rewards to QUICK pools. It was discussed many times here but it never goes to voting because the team is against it.

Roc: Giving more QUICK rewards where? To LPs or Dragon’s Lair?

@Cokpat4: To QUICK pools

Roc: This is not something that needs a vote, and it wouldn’t be possible to vote on. We make around 50 changes a week to rewards, we could not possibly vote on this many changes friend. Are you asking that we give more rewards to QUICK pairs in general?

If we were to put all rewards adjustments to vote, we would never get anything done, and the project growth would slow drastically.

@Cokpat4: Yes. For example, not less than 50% of QUICK rewards a week

Roc: 50% APY? There are way too many variables to put a rule in place like that unfortunately. ​​Rewards start high, and slowly lower over time, until trading fee APY takes over

@hodlforlambo: “Anything on the vam tokens?”

Sameep: That’s on hold right now. We discussed the idea internally and with the advisors and decided its not the best time to launch VAM tokens. We want to bring real and useful liquidity to the platform. We want to build deep pairs to reduce slippage and increase the volume.

Roc: VamTOKENS have been put on hold until our protocol V2, which is actually not a priority at the moment as it would splinter liquidity. New version sets back the first version by a lot as we’ve seen recently with the UniSwap V2 V3 division. We will do our V2 when we have a long list of net positive new features which require it.

At the moment there are many more important things to focus on from dev side like new design, better UI/UX overall, new features that don’t require V2 like auto-compounding, limit orders, more reliable RPCs, better bridges, etc.

@TedBld: Do you have sneak peaks for us ;)?

Roc: We have 3 exchanges waiting to list us as one example. It is possible we will release one of these soon, but don’t want to make promises, both us and the exchange agree that it’s best to do it when the market is not so bearish.

We’re monitoring the market closely, preparing lots of things, and will execute when market sentiment feels right with some smaller things as we wait.

There is a difficult balance with timing. On one hand we want to release updates, features, exchanges and other news to keep community sentiment high, but at the same time, if you release big news when sentiment is low, it will not be received as often times. LDA has learned this over many years of trial and error. With Matic when times were tough early on, we would try releasing great news to turn it around, and it would help, but not as much as just waiting for the market to turn around first, then push momentum . Psychology plays a big part in these crypto ecosystems.

@DanCryptoMan: Can you add an aggregator to the site? So that it buys from the QUICK pair and the normal pair so there is no arbitrage opportunity for bots? Eg like paraswap and 1inch already do.

Sameep: Aggregators are already using us. Both paraswap and 1inch. I am part of the paraswap team as well so I know that.

@DanCryptoMan: Yes, but it would be good to have it supported natively/by default. At the moment, liquidity is split between QUICK pairs and ETH pairs for example. If I use I lose out compared to using paraswap or 1inch.

Sameep: I am not sure if it makes sense for us to have an aggregation service. Our focus is building a platform which can be used by others to build innovative products. And aggregators are one of them. Aggregators are all together a different tech and product than an AMM.

@DanCryptoMan: Yes. But QuickSwap is the only exchange that incentivises liquidity the way it does and splits it between two pairs. This means that some bots are always arbitraging QUICK buys instantly on the hundreds of different QUICK pairs. Perhaps you should just integrate paraswap and disable the other exchanges.

Roc: That’s an interesting concept.

@DanCryptoMan: It would not take much work to do it, especially if Sameep is familiar with paraswap code and team already, so I hope it is added. Really annoys me to watch the bots walk away with all the free money, while people buying QUICK are not getting maximum bang for their money.

Roc: I think Sameep may have wrote some of the Paraswap code so he might be familiar haha.

@TedBld: LDA also promotes Persistence One. Are you looking into a collaboration for the Dragon’s Lair with pSTAKE?”

Roc: We are looking at some collaborations between QuickSwap and Persistence, yes. pStake is really cool and can be useful for the Polygon ecosystem after bridges are built. We’ve been discussing it, but nothing is set in stone yet.

@hypervx: “In general I would like the team to consider adjusting the rewards strategy to prevent old pools from dying as rewards get cut week after week causing providers to leave the pools. While it makes sense to incentivise new launches, losing old pools is not a great trend in my view. if the rewards don’t even cover IL it does not make sense to stay in the pool any longer.

Roc: While I understand your point, rewards are not meant to sustain pools forever. Rewards are meant to introduce people to pairs and kickstart them, while after time, the pairs/pools should be able to sustain from natural trading volume and trading fee APY.

@hypervx: So you would rather see pools go back to low liquidity/high slippage instead of using the power of incentives to keep the ratio of liquidity/volume within some reasonable limits? Especially on higher volatility pairs which penalise LPs when rewards are on the low side. Sorry to keep focusing on this point, but it breaks my heart to have to move liquidity to non QuickSwap pools in order to stay competitive.

Roc: We monitor each pool individually, if a pool has low volume, we can’t use the community’s tokens to prop up liquidity to support low volume. If the pair has organic volume, that will drive liquidity. QuickSwap can’t subsidise project pairs forever. They must become self-sustaining at some point. When that point is, is something we discuss internally throughout each week. We’ve been giving rewards to some pairs for close to a year now.

@hypervx: Thank you

Sameep: The purpose of rewards is to give projects a jump-start. But they need to be self sustaining

Roc: Keep in mind, the projects aren’t necessarily giving any tokens to our users, but we’re giving out tons of QUICK which causes inflation and harms users if value goes down, so we have to be responsible with token emission

Sameep: Even for QS we are focusing a lot on volume because rewards will end one day and then volume will sustain the DEX.

Roc: One thing we’ve been discussing with projects and a few are in the works now, is if the projects can give rewards from their end as well, then it makes more sense for us to give tokens in larger quantities and or for a longer time period.

@hypervx: Thank you guys. That makes sense.

Roc: We want projects to start giving tokens from their side either to Dragon’s Lair stakers, or LPs. We’re going to start pushing this much more now.

@TedBld: Are you working on any plans for preventing LP’ers from selling their QUICK rewards, and if so, could you share them?

Roc: We’ve thought about adding a 21 day unbonding period, which is what many Cosmos ecosystem projects do, like Persistence. It works really well because it prevents people from panic selling. We could even make it optional, and if you agree, you get extra rewards.

@EatLead117: With regards to DL and dQUICK, are there plans to further incentivise staking, such as $QUICK rewards to DL? Are there plans to give further use to dQuick? For example, could it be used as collateral on lending platforms?

Sameep: We are actually working on that. Our core focus is to increase the volume as it will increase the LP Profits and DL APYs as well.

Roc: I would possibly support giving more rewards to Dragon’s Lair in the form of QUICK, in return for a 21 day unbonding period for the users who choose to take those extra rewards.

@Tedbld: Are you working on cross chain trading or going cross chain to other L2s?

Roc: We’ve had 2 other chains ask us to launch QuickSwap on their chains as the first DEX, but at the moment we haven’t decided to move forward with any other chains. There are pros and cons. On one hand, it would expand our market, on the other it would stretch our resources across multiple chains. That includes our QUICK rewards, our dev time, our BD team, our marketing team, our focus etc. My gut and heart tell me to focus on Polygon only, but it’s not only up to me, if we found a good opportunity we could present it to the community in the form of a governance vote and see what the community thinks. Moving to another chain would require splitting rewards with that chain, or taking some % of our rewards, say 10%, and giving those to our users on X chain.

@Tedbld: ​We’ve seen integration with Telcoin, which I think is a major win as QS is used as a backend and it brings a lot of volume. Is there any way to show the community how much volume this brought to QS, because I feel that a lot of people see partnerships and are like, yeah great. But actually showing the community results of these partnerships would be awesome I think.

Dave (QuickSwap BD responded with a link to a tweet):


Roc: Ya, you can look at the info page and check the volume of those TEL pairs.

Sameep: I think we can do this now with dune analytics on Polygon. We are also happy to provide a bounty for developing DUNE dashboards for QS.

@hypervx: Telcoin integration was interesting, but of course as soon as it was deployed, TEL price dropped by 50% causing losses in all pools.

Dave: The Telcoin launch is not just an LP. The Telcoin team is using our DEX as an infrastructure layer for TELX on their mobile app. They chose us over other DEXs. They are partnered with institutional Mobile TELCON operations globally. We are constantly looking for these types of partners to build out our visibility and reach. Another focus that we are really pushing hard is for projects to give rewards as well, to benefit our community. You will see more of this in the near future.

@Tedbld: This is exactly why I was hyped about the partnership! Thanks for the tweet again earlier in this AMA. I couldn’t find volume numbers, only liquidity. Showing volume numbers would also show the success of these partnerships.

Dave: Telcoin is very early in their marketing of TELX and are planning to move a lot of their project to polygon. They are also regulated in a few countries and U.S. states. We want to work with all big projects that believe in the polygon ecosystem.

@billy9x: Does QUICK have inflation? If that happens. What solution do you have? For example, use a small percentage of the transaction fees to buy back tokens and burn.

Tyler: 0.04% of the trading volume is used to buy QUICK and give it to stakers in dQUICK single asset staking.

@EatLead117: Can you provide a screenshot example of future developments? Eg screen of V2 UI? Some in the community want to see this.

Roc: I think we can, but let’s do it as an announcement so it’s more exciting. Sameep, do you think we can send a sneak peak as Tweet soon?

Sameep: Of course we can. Once the design is final.

@smallpeenandadream asked Tyler a specific question: After all your hard work on the team, and you are a new member, yes? What future plans do you have to improve QuickSwap and take the platform to a new level? I’m excited that you’re on board: very active in chat, very helpful, best team member I see and hope to see you managing QuickSwap one day.

Sameep: I agree with you. In fact everyone on our team is doing a great job. @TylerQuick @LDA_Dave @NrdGrl007 @Mustachioz hats off to you guys :)

Roc: We love Tyler. He started part-time, and is killing it so we just gave him a full-time offer this week and he’s joined now full time! He’s a pleasure to work with, and is perfect for Business Development/outreach because he understands the Polygon and competitors ecosystems so damn well!

Tyler: Thank you for the kind words ? I am fairly new to the team I joined in late may. I recently started putting in more time. My plan is to make sure we get as many tokens as possible to choose QuickSwap as their AMM. This way, we can keep volume high, and give good rewards to Dragons Lair stakers.

Roc: We also want to shout out to the people who aren’t named here. Our new dev, our massive regional, community managers, Discord team, Reddit lead Matt, China growth Dan Luo, etc. Also our new design team is kicking ass too!

Sameep: Yes, of course. Please pardon me for missing out on names here. But everyone is just awesome.

Roc: Also, of course we have to thank LDA and the Polygon teams for all of their support. Don’t need to name all of the names. Polygon has been incredibly helpful over the last year. Seriously none of this would be possible without them, and also without the amazing scaling solution they’ve created.

@Tedbld: What do you guys think we, as a community, could do for QuickSwap? What are things you guys are seeing in other communities that you think is awesome?

Sameep: I think our community is best. They are doing a lot. We want you guys to be more patient during hard times :). And please bring on all the feedback that you have for us.

Though, we definitely need help in building supporting tools for QS like DUNE dashboards. We desperately need that.

@Tedbld: I would love to help there, unfortunately I’m just a SQL beginner. But who knows if I can increase my skills.

Sameep: Thanks a lot :)

Random Fun Fact

Roc: Btw fun fact, we now have 12,587 pairs on QuickSwap, with 160 pairs having over 100k liquidity. This is really a huge accomplishment.

@smallpeenandadream: What does the team like to do to relax or for fun in their spare time?

Sameep: Spare time? Lol no spare time since we started QS. But I would love to go to the mountains or the seaside for some quality time alone.

Roc: Actually, my girlfriend and I have started living digital nomad life right now. We move around working from our computers in different places. The beauty of working in crypto is you can work from anywhere! Currently sort of living in Hawaii. We spend all day working, but it’s nice to have a nice view and nice dinners together :)

Radomir Pastucha (hidden handle): How do you see the current inflation of QUICK? Daily there are 800 new QUICK tokens added as rewards. Let’s say by average, 150 are bought for dQUICK holders in Dragon’s lair. So it seems there are 600 new QUICK on the market daily. Isn’t this too high inflation? Is there any plan to address this, or do you believe that with more trade volume and fees generated there will be higher buyback in the future?

Sameep: I think this has been the plan since the very beginning. We wanted to release the entire supply in 4 years time and we are on track. The emission rate is decreasing, and it will keep on decreasing to tackle the inflation.

{This is actually addressed in our tokenomics blog}.

@billy9x: Have you thought about burning tokens? I see the number of tokens being produced in the market with great frequency.

Roc: We have considered, and could do this at some point, but so far we think buying the tokens and them being distributed (algorithmically) to Dragon’s Lair stakers is better than burning.

@BBthread: Do you see a possibility of QS evolving their offering to do something like the PancakeSwap IDO reward staking pools? I could see QuickStart evolving into this, where QuickStart IDOs have a rewards pool ready to go for when they launch with ridiculously high APY to incentivise a load of early trading and staking?

Roc: This is basically happening Thursday. We’ll have rewards for the IDO launch pairs!

Sameep: Yes, there is a possibility. But at QS we never wanted to do everything on our own. We wanted to create an ecosystem where useful and innovative stuff is being made on top of us. QuickStart and Gelato are good examples of this.

Roc: ​​Yes. This is why UniSwap has been so successful. They focus on what they’re good at, AMM, liquidity, volume, listings, users, and being the central DeFi financial lego for other things to build on top of.

Sameep: We are in a decentralised land. And one team/project doing everything is not sustainable. That is something which we have learned from the polygon team :) So we always encourage and support projects building on top of us. And that’s how our rewards are structured as well.

@UziRubick: Does QuickSwap plan to go to Binance or Coinbase in the near future?

Roc: We can’t discuss listings due to NDAs, but you bet your ass this is the goal.

@hodlforlambo: Will QuickSwap be able to handle heavy load? I mean, is the graph issue resolved finally?

Sameep: Yes, we are able to handle very large loads. At one point of time, we were serving more than 700k transactions/day and more than 200k unique users were visiting our websites. And this was all seamless. In fact, we were serving more than 500 million RPC calls/day. Thanks to our RPC infra providers- Blockvigil, chanistack, Figment, Alchemy and Quicknode.

Roc: ​​Ya, good shoutout to those providers. It takes an army to make QuickSwap support the massive volume, usage, and growth we’ve had!

@EatLead117: On this note, whilst not a QS question per se, can you shine a light on Polygon RPC developments?

Roc: Sameep was pulling his hair out for months working with all the people involved trying to keep scaling keeping up, lol.

Sameep: I think the infrastructure is improving every day. Now we have providers like Alchemy, Infura and QuikNode supporting Polygon Chain.

@Xtincty: Lately sentiment fell really low, along with the market. Do you plan to increase communication going forward if this bearish trend continues? Anything concrete?

Roc: Yes 100%. We have great mods here who are also part of our different teams, marketing, BD, devs etc, but it’s important that you also hear from leadership regularly. We’ve had our heads down grinding and lining things up for the right timing, and sometimes we forget how important it is to communicate things regularly so you guys know how hard we are all working, and how much we appreciate all of your support. QuickSwap is decentralised, and the community is the most important part and should always be involved.

Oh also guys, we will be having a lot of community governance votes soon! We want to start pushing as many things to votes as we can. To further decentralise the protocol and keep community as involved as possible

Sameep: 100

Roc: Oh, and another thing we haven’t mentioned. We will be releasing a new community campaign that will be incredibly strong. We built this same campaign (LDA) for Matic/Polygon years ago, and it was one of the strongest community building campaigns I’ve ever seen in crypto. Some may be able to guess at what this is, but we will save for announcement. I think we will be launching this very very soon. I think this week or next week.

@EatLead117: There’s been a couple of projects which were exploited during the week of $QUICK rewards for their LP. Due to the fixed 1 week rewards time, this means that the tokens’ pairs continued to be incentivised. Also, weekly $QUICK rewards might not time well with start IDOs. Are we staying on weekly $QUICK reward schedules? Will there be future flexibility (+/- governance votes for it)?

Roc: We can actually add rewards any time in the week, but cannot remove them as it’s a smart contract, and we can’t control them once they are deployed. We used to do 2 weeks rewards, and switched to 1 week to have more flexibility. I think 1 week is a good number. It gives us time to DD projects throughout the week and do all the BD, marketing, and dev work required for listing + rewards.

Sameep: We are following a weekly rewards cycle to be able to change rewards quickly. But it’s not a dead end. We also add some of the rewards mid-week. We will do so this week as well :)

@Eatlead117: That’s perfectly fine as long as QS can add rewards pools at any time. I’m happy with smart contracts being unremovable for 1 week. Thank you.

Marcus G (hidden handle): Hey guys sorry if you have to answer my question several times ? but I have been a holder of QUICK since the start and I know the markets seems to go down quite a bit, but I was wondering if there are any new plans for the utility of the QUICK token? It seems to me that lately the price has fallen so much because maybe people experience QUICK as just a farm token and don’t see the future distinction between a DEX such as QuickSwap and Sushiswap for example.

Roc: Well the fact that you earn a portion of all volume trading fees on the platform is a pretty huge utility, but yes, we are looking at other utilities. Some examples are borrowing and lending of dQUICK, we are talking to at least a couple of projects about this. Another is that we are going to start pushing projects to give their own token rewards to dQUICK holders. We have been discussing something like syrup pools for Pancake Swap, but we may leave this to other projects to do on top of QuickSwap instead of developing our own, this creates a more diverse and decentralised resilient ecosystem. We are going to be releasing dual farming contracts which are in auditing right now also, which will allow projects to start having native dual farming on QuickSwap. This was going to be announced soon, but here you go :)

Marcus G: ​​Yeah I agree with you and have always had my majority of QUICK tokens in the dragon’s lair ? but wow that huge news ! Thanks so much for the update ❤️

To Wrap Things Up…

Tyler: Thanks everyone for all the questions!!!! The official AMA is now over, but Roc and Sameep may hang around a bit longer if you have a last minute question.

Roc: We’re going on an hour and 15 minutes. If anyone has more questions, feel free to ask here any time and tag me. I’ll be more active in the community during these hard times. Thanks everyone!

Sameep: Thanks everyone!

Roc: Thanks for all of the support over the last year. If you ever start to worry just think about the previous hard times, and how we pushed through, back in the Polygon rough days, and the early QuickSwap rough times!

The market has dropped massively, but we are still fluctuating around 1bil TVL and 50–100mil volume. These are incredible numbers.

Yesterday we were #11 on DeFi Pulse. The guys we are next to and even ahead of are multi billion dollar projects. It’s an honor.

Sameep: And this is really huge for every one of us.

So after over an hour of being grilled by the community, QuickSwap’s leadership wrapped things up with a commitment to be more active in the groups and better communicators moving forward. Interestingly, in the little over 24 hours between the AMA’s conclusion and this writing, QUICK’s price has increased by almost 13%. Could that be an indicator of increasing community sentiment?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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