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DragonFi 2.0: QuickSwap's Flagship Products and Integrations

March 12th 2024

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Success is not the key to building an empire. Building an empire is the key to success.

Introducing DragonFi 2.0’s 3rd pillar: Products and integrations.

The heart of the beast. Building blocks laying the foundation for the future of the DEX. Hundreds of integrations that we know of, with likely thousands of total integrations (QuickSwap is decentralized, so anyone can build on their own at any time).

QuickSwap has indeed built its own empire on Polygon, all contributing to its success and made possible by the robustness and fortitude of the DragonFi ecosystem infrastructure.

Get ready to explore the inner workings of QuickSwap’s vast and extensive network, in addition to how the most impactful collaborations have brought it to the forefront on Polygon.

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Pillar 3: Products and Integrations

From the beginning, QuickSwap has always been community first and strived to develop long-lasting relationships with projects and builders within the Polygon sphere.

So what’s the secret recipe behind its major success? Relationships and fostering trust within the community are where QuickSwap has truly excelled. 

Staying on top of current blockchain trends and events in Polygon and beyond. Researching and sourcing the most suitable products/integrations. Fostering connections and relationships with depth and trust - these are what QuickSwap does best.


QuickSwap’s integrations and partners are broken down into 4 categories:

  • DEX & Product Integrations: Sourcing the highest quality and most secure products
  • Collaborations: QuickSwap community working with hundreds of projects
  • Wallets: 15 leading Web3 wallet providers are supported on the DEX
  • Citadel Deployments: Deployed on 7 Polygon-based chains; more to come

Let’s dive into the details.

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DEX & Product Integrations

  • Orbs Network: Limit/dTWAP orders and Liquidity Hub for aggregated liquidity, better prices and zero-gas trades
  • Orderly Network: Permissionless liquidity layer for QuickPerps V2 allowing users to leverage trade via an order book (from Polygon PoS into a vault) with zero gas fees
  • Angle: Merkl Tree integration for ALM strategies where users can earn LP and farming rewards in 1 click
  • Chainlink: Powering price feeds for tokens on Polygon PoS for QuickSwap
  • Paraswap: Powers QuickSwap’s “Best Trade” feature on Polygon PoS & zkEVM
  • Axelar/Squid: Squid’s widget, powered by Axelar’s, enables seamless cross-chain swaps across 60+ blockchain networks
  • Algebra: V3 contracts for concentrated liquidity and dynamic fees
  • Gamma: ALM provider with LP and farming strategies on Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, and Manta Pacific
  • Steer Protocol: ALM provider with LP and farming strategies on Polygon PoS and Manta Pacific
  • DefiEdge: ALM provider with LP and farming strategies on Polygon PoS
  • ICHI: ALM provider with LP and farming strategies on Polygon PoS
  • A[51]: ALM provider with LP and farming strategies on Dogechain
  • ApeBond: Powering the QuickSwap Bonds product, letting users receive discounted, vested tokens for their LP
  • dappOS: Launched their V2 product for paying gas in any on-chain token
  • NEAR Protocol: BOS Dashboard on Polygon zkEVM for one-stop-shop DeFi
  • Pyth: Decentralised oracle on QuickPerps providing an API (fastpricefeed) for pricing
  • API3: Decentralised oracle on QuickPerps acting as a fallback/reference to Pyth
  • OpenOcean: DEX and CEX transaction aggregation protocol integrates trades from QuickSwap
  • Witnet: Provides an oracle for the QUICK (New) token


While these integrations power the DEX in a more holistic way, hundreds of others products and collaborations continue to bolster the DragonFi ecosystem.

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  • Binance: QUICK token listing, wallet integration, and campaigns
  • Coinbase: cbETH (wrapped version of ETH) available on Polygon PoS
  • QUICK token listing, wallet integration, on-chain campaigns
  • OKX: Wallet integration, campaigns (Cryptopedia and on-chain)
  • KuCoin: QUICK token listing and campaigns
  • QUICK token listing
  • Poloniex: QUICK token listing
  • LBank: QUICK token listing
  • The Graph: Enables subgraphs to allow for querying of the QuickSwap DEX and token pairs, transactions, users, and much more
  • Immutable: Building Onboarding new games
  • DWF Labs: Providing liquidity and strengthening QUICK markets on different exchanges
  • Aavegotchi: Token listed on the DEX, collaborations 
  • Kinetix Finance: Available through the QuickSwap chain dropdown menu and 1% of KFI supply will be distributed to the dragon community
  • Masa Finance: Providing support for advanced on-chain analytics on QuickSwap
  • VersaGames: Ongoing collaboration with the Gaming Hub along with facilitating relationships with popular Polygon games
  • Rubic: Multichain aggregation protocol that integrated QuickSwap instant trades
  • Metavault: Builds, maintains, and deploys innovative solutions for QuickPerps
  • Gravity Finance: Assists with the development and maintenance of QuickPerps
  • Timeswap: Provides products for QUICK lending and borrowing on Polygon PoS
  • Mercle: Powering QuickSwap’s very own NFT collection with custom attributes and quests
  • QiDAO: Provides MAI LP and liquidity mining rewards for farms on the DEX
  • Poolfish: Built a Custom Concentrated Liquidity Calculator for V3 pools
  • Buildoor Labs: Creating layovers for QuickPerps and potentially other future QuickSwap products to improve the user flow and experience
  • Hype Labs: Runs advertisements on the QuickSwap website
  • Layer3: Leading quest platform that has run 10+ campaigns with QuickSwap
  • Galxe: World’s largest campaign platform - QuickSwap has run 20+ campaigns and counting
  • Intract: Platform that kicked off the Polygon zkEVM Saga Campaign that amassed 150,000+ participants, where QuickSwap was a participant
  • TaskOn: QuickSwap has run 2 on-chain quests and several social campaigns on their platform

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Polygon CDK Chain Citadels

  • Polygon PoS: Deployed since day 1 with a peak of $1 billion+ TVL. $100M+ in current TVL and ~$60 million+ in daily volume, and QuickSwap’s leading chain
  • Polygon zkEVM: Went live in March 2023 and currently has $4.4 million+ in TVL along with QuickPerps, a decentralised perpetual exchange with $2 million+ in TVL and $134 million+ in trading volume
  • Manta Pacific: EVM-compatible Layer 2 ZK-powered and privacy chain launched on the DEX in October 2023. Currently sitting at $17 million+ in TVL 
  • Dogechain: Layer 2 scaling solution for Dogecoin that brings DeFi, yield farming, NFTs, and more to the network. The chain has been live on QuickSwap since the summer of 2022 and reached a peak of almost $3 million in TVL
  • Immutable zkEVM: Layer 2 ZK-rollup and the gaming chain of the future, where QuickSwap is currently live on mainnet. QuickSwap is the the very first DEX to run on Immutable zkEVM and provide DeFi to users and gamers on the chain
  • Astar zkEVM: Layer 2 ZK-rollup built using Polygon CDK tech, now in testnet phase on QuickSwap and soon to go live on mainnet
  • X1 Network: ZK-powered Layer 2 chain, built using Polygon CDK, connecting the OKX and Ethereum communities. QuickSwap is live on testnet, with mainnet going live soon

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  • MetaMask
  • Binance Wallet
  • Trust Wallet
  • OKX Wallet
  • Phantom Wallet
  • Brave Wallet
  • BlockWallet
  • Safe
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • WalletConnect
  • ZenGo
  • Venly
  • Bitget Wallet
  • DeFi Wallet
  • Unstoppable Domains

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The QuickSwap Effect: Case Studies

As QuickSwap has become a more thriving DEX and ecosystem, its ability to help other projects thrive has also drastically increased.

Many call this the “QuickSwap Effect,” where projects that integrate with QuickSwap are brought to life - growing indefinitely, unlocking new users/partnerships, and ultimately becoming bigger in the industry.

Here are two case studies to demonstrate this.


Gamma is an ALM (Automated Liquidity Manager) providing LPs with specific liquidity management strategies, auto-compounding LP & farming rewards, and more.

QuickSwap integrated Gamma’s technology on January 30, 2023. At the time, Gamma had ~$9 million in TVL and, once the integration went live, Gamma’s TVL quickly skyrocketed to almost $120 million in only a few months as shown in the chart below (over a 13x multiple).

They had actually been dropping in liquidity before QuickSwap integrated their technology (and in some ways incubated Gamma). While the tech was great, in Web3 it takes trust for people to deposit their capital. QuickSwap has built a reputation of safety, establishing the premise that if the product is good enough for QuickSwap to integrate, then to many users it’s good enough for them to try the product.

Ever since QuickSwap integrated Gamma and demonstrated proof of concept, other dApps began to take notice and onboard their technology. Today, Gamma has integrated with 18 other protocols, including the likes of Uniswap, Camelot, SushiSwap, Thena, PancakeSwap, and more.

QuickSwap was a major catalyst for Gamma’s growth and success - and all of this happened in only 1 year throughout a relatively stagnant market.



QuickSwap integrated Algebra’s V3 dynamic fee model back in June 2022 when they originally had ~$1.69 million in TVL, and QuickSwap managed ~$71 million in TVL using the same technology.

Similar to the situation with Gamma, once QuickSwap integrated Algebra’s tech, there was instant and continuous growth/adoption that led to 14 protocols (as of March 12, 2024) using their V3 tech, including ZyberSwap, Camelot, Thena, StellaSwap, and more.

Not only did QuickSwap attain greater TVL from the Algebra integration but it also helped build legitimacy and trust for their product through initial audits from Hexens, ABDK Consulting, and Code4Rena.


QuickSwap has developed a proven track record of taking projects to the next level, allowing them to gain the necessary exposure they need within the DragonFi ecosystem, presenting a massive opportunity to drastically multiply their user base and DeFi statistics across the board.

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Uncovering the Next Pillar

Hungry for more on DragonFi 2.0?

The journey has only begun, with 3 of the 7 pillars now revealed. 

Stay tuned for what’s in store for Pillar 4… the flames are getting hotter.