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DragonFi 2.0: QuickSwap’s Quest to Dominate The Polygon 2.0 Landscape

December 13th 2023

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 Hey there, Dragons! These days, it’s just as important to stay up-to-date and in-the-know with QuickSwap as to get familiar with the Polygon 2.0 vision. QuickSwap has been cooking during the entire builder’s market, and now's the time to showcase what’s been in the works – not to mention some major plans for what’s on the way. 

Now is the time to reveal the first pillar outlining the vision for DragonFi 2.0 and how it will unfold over the next few quarters: The Future.

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Setting the Stage for DragonFi 2.0

Earlier this summer, Polygon unveiled its ambitious Polygon 2.0 vision for the not-so-distant future, where Polygon will become an expansive network of Layer 2 rollups. 

These L2 rollups are powered by zero-knowledge technology and will function seamlessly and interoperably, providing projects with a versatile development environment using Polygon’s Chain Developer Kit (CDK), while offering users the simplified experience of navigating an entire universe of Polygon chains with unlimited scalability and unified liquidity. 

In addition to its newly launched zkEVM chain, Polygon’s original PoS chain will be transitioned to an ultra-high-performance zkValidium chain, making for Web3’s most potent, well-connected, and robust Layer 2 ecosystem. Meanwhile, Miden, a zkWASM, and the rest of Polygon’s 2.0 architecture are also in the works.

Wild stuff, right?! 

It's a lot to uncover. However, QuickSwap has its own bright vision to boost growth and advance its position as the leading DEX and dominant DeFi force in Polygon 2.0.

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Pillar 1 - The Future: Powering Polygon 2.0 with QuickSwap Citadels

QuickSwap has played a key role in driving the adoption of Polygon technologies from the very beginning of Matic Network.

It was the first DeFi protocol to reach $1 billion in daily volume and spurred major growth as a leader in the Polygon summer of 2020 that followed!

Since then, QuickSwap has acted as a first mover again and again, launching its DeFi platform on various chains within the Polygon ecosystem to support their early development and strengthen their communities. 

In addition to Polygon PoS, QuickSwap is live and thriving on:

  • Polygon zkEVM
  • Dogechain
  • Manta Pacific (with $18+ million in TVL just a few weeks after launch)
  • Astar zkEVM (Testnet)

As QuickSwap expands to more Polygon EVM chains, it will be increasingly focused on QuickSwap Citadels – unique, integrated, and connected deployments that will serve as fortresses on new chains determined to add value to Polygon 2.0.

zkEVM Validium QuickSwap 3

Imagine a world where QuickSwap Citadels dominate the DeFi landscape on an infinite number of Polygon chains - a cohesive piece of interoperable & composable infrastructure as well as THE community hub for all of Polygon through Polygon CDK. 

One thing can be said for certain: every new chain that makes Polygon its home (potentially including QuickSwap’s own unique blockchain) will have an opportunity to jump-start its journey on Polygon with the help of the Dragon army! 

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QuickSwap's Expansion and Revenue Generation

As QuickSwap Citadels will connect directly with newly arriving Polygon CDK chains, projects, and their communities, the DEX will experience substantial revenue growth. 

While more users flock to the platform to generate volume and liquidity, they will also generate new revenue streams from an unlimited number of powerful Polygon chains. This comes with plans to redistribute revenue to fuel the future growth of the QuickSwap DragonFi ecosystem and return value to the QuickSwap community.

As a decentralised and community-governed DeFi ecosystem, QuickSwap already distributes a significant percentage of platform revenue to QUICK holders staking in the Dragon’s Lair as well as to QUICK burns and The QuickSwap Foundation. The QuickSwap DAO will play an integral role in determining the distribution and deployment of new revenue sources.

Every chain that QuickSwap goes live on brings in more revenue sources and strengthens the Dragons - meaning even greater potential for the DEX and surrounding protocols to thrive.

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1 Pillar Down, 6 To Go: Embark on the DragonFi 2.0 Journey

7 pillars make up DragonFi 2.0.

If you made it this far through the blog, you’ve just gotten a fiery taste of the beginning of the DragonFi 2.0 journey with the first pillar.

DragonFi 7 Pillars Comets Pillar 1 Lit 2

Over the coming months, QuickSwap will be revealing the remaining 6 pillars to showcase how it will continue dominating as a leading DeFi ecosystem across Polygon 2.0.

It’s time for QuickSwap to turbocharge, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the ride.