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Governance Proposal: Should 100% of QuickSwap's Bonds Revenue Go To the Dragon's Lair or Be Burned?

February 13th 2024

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QuickSwap went live with Bonds on Polygon in October 2023, an innovative product allowing LPs to receive vested project tokens at a discount while allowing those same projects to receive protocol-owned liquidity. 

Since launch, there have been 3,370+ Bond sales that continue to grow. Current projects offering Bonds on QuickSwap include Borderless Money, Forest Knight, Gensokishi Online, BlockWallet, Planet IX, Bullieverse, 3A DAO, WeFi, and FireBot DAO.

As the product continues to innovate and more projects are added and continue offering Bonds, revenue will generate for the DEX. This revenue is split between QuickSwap and ApeBond - the question is, moving forward, where should QuickSwap’s portion of the revenue be distributed to? 

This proposal has been introduced for the dragon community to decide if 100% of the revenue generated from QuickSwap Bonds should go to the Dragon’s Lair for QUICK stakers or be burned.


  • QuickSwap Bonds have seen strong growth since launch, hitting 3,370+ in total sales with over 15 projects already participating
  • With projects continuing to offer Bonds and new ones potentially on the way, adoption and demand continue to rise
  • QuickSwap generates revenue in fees from the Bonds (ApeBond also receives a cut)
  • Through this proposal, the dragon community will decide if 100% of QuickSwap’s Bonds revenue will go to the Dragon’s Lair for QUICK stakers or be burned
  • To begin, the governance discussion on the official QuickSwap Reddit will run until Friday, February 16 at 1:00 PM UTC
  • Once the Reddit discussions finish, a formal Snapshot vote will begin and run until Tuesday, February 20 at 1:00 PM UTC
  • Once you’ve read this entire blog post, make sure to visit the official QuickSwap Reddit discussion forum to share your perspective with your fellow community members

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What Will the Community Decide?

Note that this proposal is only addressing how QuickSwap’s revenue from the Bonds should be handled. To reiterate, the community needs to decide if 100% of this revenue should:

  • Go to the Dragon’s Lair to QUICK stakers
  • Be burned

Regardless of what is decided, this decision will ultimately benefit the community as a whole. The goal of the Bonds product is to support participating projects and grow liquidity.

If the dragon community feels that this needs more discussion and the revenue should be allocated in a different way, they can vote accordingly when the vote is live.

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Join the Discussion

As always, QuickSwap community members are encouraged to participate in and contribute to QuickSwap governance discussions and proposals across all of QuickSwap’s online forums, especially on Reddit. As a Dragon, you are a valued community member and your opinion matters – but you have to participate in community voting procedures to make it count.

As always, critical decisions guiding QuickSwap’s strategic development will always be determined by way of decentralised governance. QuickSwap’s future is in your hands, so make your voice heard!