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Governance Proposal: Should QuickSwap Build a Launchpad with TrustSwap?

May 18th 2024

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QuickSwap has always been a community-first DeFi product, consistently leading the charge in helping popularise and bring in new projects to the Polygon ecosystem.

As outlined on QuickSwap’s latest roadmap, one of the next iterations of the DEX’s expansion plan is to deploy a state-of-the-art decentralised launchpad. 

The purpose of this launchpad would be to allow QuickSwap to facilitate decentralised and transparent Polygon ecosystem token/project launches, giving them access to fundraising, growth opportunities, exposure to broader communities, and more.

Another opportunity for the DragonFi ecosystem to continue its expansion and situate the QuickSwap DEX in an even stronger position to align with the Polygon 2.0 vision.

QuickSwap has aligned with TrustSwap to bring them aboard as a technical integration partner in a proposal to create this launchpad through a 50/50 cost and profit-sharing model (read the “Partnership Agreement Details” section below for the specifics) - this proposal now sits with the dragon community to discuss and vote whether it will move forward.



  • QuickSwap is aiming to build a decentralised launchpad to allow Polygon projects to conduct fair and secure token launches, allowing them to obtain fundraising for growth and expansion while tapping into the broader Polygon ecosystem
  • The dragon DEX has aligned with TrustSwap as a technical integration partner to help build and maintain the launchpad
  • The governance discussion will run until Monday, May 20 at 6:30 PM UTC
  • The Snapshot vote will go live on Monday, May 20 at 6:30 PM UTC and conclude on Friday, May 24 at 6:30 PM UTC
  • Once you’ve read this entire blog post, make sure to visit the official QuickSwap Reddit discussion forum to share your perspective with your fellow community members

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What is TrustSwap?

TrustSwap is an innovative Web3 software and services company. Their mission is to provide Web3 founders with tools to secure, launch, and market their projects. The company has several key verticals - Team Finance, A Launchpad, Swappable, and The Crypto App - to address various needs in the market.

The TrustSwap Launchpad is a premier platform for raising funds for and launching new, innovative crypto projects. As one of the most mature launchpads in the space (est. 2021), they provide a full-service suite for up-and-coming projects, including marketing, advisory, and fundraising support. 

Their Launchpad ensures that these projects reach a broad audience and receive the funding they need to succeed. They provide a rigorous vetting process, ensuring that only high-quality, trustworthy projects are launched. This commitment to quality safeguards investors and contributes to a healthier, more robust DeFi space. 

TrustSwap also helps these projects build awareness via marketing efforts and connects projects with influencers and KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders).

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QuickSwap LaunchPad Details

The QuickSwap Launchpad would be a hub for new projects on Polygon, giving them an opportunity to launch new tokens in a fully decentralised manner and tap into the broader QuickSwap and Polygon communities, giving them the necessary exposure and funding they need to hit the ground running.

In addition, this launchpad would provide fairness to participants by allowing anyone who meets the eligibility criteria to enter token sales. 

Here is the proposed general structure and core features that would be available for the QuickSwap Launchpad:

Landing Page

This would be the landing page for the QuickSwap Launchpad and would display the following:

  • Introductory details
  • Project launches in progress
  • Upcoming project launches
  • Previous project launches

For upcoming project launches, there would be an information screen where users can see future project token sales on the launchpad, whitelist dates, and more.

Whitelist Page

This page would be developed by TrustSwap and will contain a dynamic whitelist redirection to either a KYC (Know Your Customer) provider page or a dedicated project page.

Users will have 48 hours to express interest by connecting their wallet and passing KYC verification once the whitelist is open.

QuickSwap KYC Provider Page

This would be a third-party provider page containing:

  • KYC provider branding
  • KYC functionality
  • Email confirmation

Before users can be eligible for whitelisting, they’ll need to successfully complete KYC verification. The process will be simple and straightforward, and users will be able to directly upload any required documentation to the portal.

Project Page

The project page will be developed by TrustSwap (with QuickSwap branding) and will contain:

  • Whitelist detection
  • KYC detection
  • Editable (by TrustSwap) minimums and maximums
  • Fund acceptance
  • Email confirmation (notifications will be sent to the winners of the lottery process after whitelisting is completed)

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Evaluation of Projects for Token Launches

QuickSwap and TrustSwap will be prioritising the utmost security and trust to ensure that only high quality projects are able to conduct token launches on the platform.

To do this, the TrustSwap Ratings Team will perform an evaluation (on information such as the project’s tokenomics, team, etc.) to determine if they are a good fit for the QuickSwap Launchpad.

Once the evaluation is complete and both sides agree on allowing the project to proceed with the token sale, a separate discussion will take place before coming to an agreement on the upcoming launch date.

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Partnership Agreement Details

To execute and build the QuickSwap Launchpad, costs are expected to be minimal since the majority of the infrastructure has been built - any expenses moving forward will be shared 50/50 between QuickSwap and TrustSwap.

TrustSwap will be providing moderator support to QuickSwap to respond to community/user queries and provide updates on social media channels, which will be ongoing. The total cost for this will equate to $5,000 per month, meaning $2,500 will be covered by QuickSwap and the other $2,500 will be covered by TrustSwap (monthly).

If the community votes “Yes” on this proposal, both parties would move forward with development and sharing expenses as outlined, in addition to covering the cost for moderators to support community queries, issues, and such.

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Join the Discussion

As always, QuickSwap community members are encouraged to participate in and contribute to QuickSwap governance discussions and proposals across all of QuickSwap’s online forums, especially on Reddit. As a Dragon, you are a valued community member and your opinion matters – but you have to participate in community voting procedures to make it count.

As always, critical decisions guiding QuickSwap’s strategic development will always be determined by way of decentralised governance. QuickSwap’s future is in your hands, so make your voice heard!