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Governance Proposal: Should QuickSwap Give Poolfish a Grant to Build a Custom Concentrated Liquidity Calculator for QuickSwap?

January 19th 2024

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LPs (Liquidity Providers) are an essential component to QuickSwap’s dragon community, providing much-needed liquidity to help sustain and drive the DEX’s TVL (Total Value Locked).

But the process of LPing is complex and factors in many different variables, sometimes making it challenging for users to manage. 

Poolfish, a platform helping users locate attractive V3 pools and calculate fees/rewards, offers a powerful solution to make the LP process much simpler and more manageable. 

The Poolfish Team has written this proposal to the QuickSwap community to discuss and vote on whether QuickSwap should give Poolfish a grant to build a custom concentrated liquidity calculator for QuickSwap and add the DEX as an option to their site.


  • LPing can often be a challenging endeavor, as there are many different variables, strategies, and rewards to consider when selecting across V3 token pairs
  • Poolfish is a platform that helps users find V3 pools, along with associated fees and rewards, that can potentially be attractive to provide liquidity to
  • This proposal has been written by their team, where they are asking the dragon community if QuickSwap should give Poolish a grant to build a custom concentrated liquidity calculator for QuickSwap
  • The total cost (grant amount) for Poolfish to build this product/tool would be $5,000 USD
  • To begin, the governance discussion on the official QuickSwap Reddit will run until Sunday, January 21 at 1:00 PM UTC
  • Once the Reddit discussions finish, a formal Snapshot vote will run until Friday, January 26 at 1:00 PM UTC
  • Once you’ve read this entire blog post, make sure to visit the official QuickSwap Reddit discussion forum to share your perspective with your fellow community members

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What is Poolfish?

Poolfish is the place to find V3 pools and helps LPs make decisions about what ranges they should provide liquidity to. Poolfish has a calculator that allows you to estimate LP fees for different V3 pools. 

They use historic data and the user’s inputs to make these estimations, while also offering a pool explorer where users can find pooling opportunities.

Poolfish gets ~150K page views and 35k unique users per month, and many of these users would see QuickSwap pools if we were to be added through this vote.

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Custom Concentrated Liquidity Calculator for QuickSwap

For this proposal, Poolfish would build and maintain a QuickSwap calculator to add to the site.

The Poolfish calculator would pull real time data from QuickSwap pools to allow LPs to calculate how much they could make from providing liquidity in different pools. Poolfish allows LPs to test the different ranges that they could add liquidity at and get an idea of what fees they could make.

As well as the calculator, Poolfish would add QuickSwap to their pool explorer where users would be able to find and search through LP opportunities.

QuickSwap supports dynamic fees for many of it’s pools on some chains. For this proposal, Poolfish would build out handling the dynamic fees to be able to estimate accurate fees.

Providing concentrated liquidity can be more complex for LPs - therefore, adding this calculator and pool explorer would give a better experience for QuickSwap LPs to better provide liquidity.

The cost for Poolfish to build this product would be a one time $5,000 USD.

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Why is this Proposal Valuable for QuickSwap?

This proposal would get QuickSwap in front of pro liquidity providers and therefore help grow TVL. As mentioned above, Poolfish receives about 150K page views and 37K unique LPs every month that use the free tools. 

A majority of these are pro Uniswap and PancakeSwap LPs - this opens up the door for more visibility for QuickSwap and will greatly enhance the user experience for Quickswap LPs, allowing them to make better and more calculated decisions when providing liquidity.

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Join the Discussion

As always, QuickSwap community members are encouraged to participate in and contribute to QuickSwap governance discussions and proposals across all of QuickSwap’s online forums, especially on Reddit. As a Dragon, you are a valued community member and your opinion matters – but you have to participate in community voting procedures to make it count.

As always, critical decisions guiding QuickSwap’s strategic development will always be determined by way of decentralised governance. QuickSwap’s future is in your hands, so make your voice heard!