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Introducing QuickSwap Liquidity Hub: Better Swap Prices, Zero-Gas Trades, and More for Dragons!

September 18th 2023

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QuickSwap has always aimed to provide users with a fiery, revolutionary trading experience and the best possible token prices on the Polygon network, all through a unique UI/UX, innovative product integrations, and more. Indeed, the dragon army deserves the best of the best!

Liquidity is a key factor in doing this - but on-chain liquidity is vastly spread across the far corners of various DeFi chains and protocols, making it more fragmented and negatively affecting the potential for more optimal prices for users.

Well, frens – the time has come to introduce one of the most exciting integrations to date for QuickSwap that’s going to change the game…

Announcing the launch of QuickSwap Liquidity Hub, a new Layer 3 infrastructure software that brings aggregated liquidity to the DEX. It uses an optimisation layer above the AMM that sources liquidity from external decentralised protocols to provide better prices and less price impact to the end users, including zero gas fees.

Powered by Orbs Network, this product integration is the next evolutionary step for QuickSwap and the dragon community, making the trading/swapping experience on the DEX even better, stronger, and more optimised for users. Who could’ve thought??

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So What’s the Deal Here?

QuickSwap Liquidity Hub takes liquidity routing to a new level, exploring and leveraging different liquidity sources to optimise swap prices. With Orbs Network’s product and integration, the QuickSwap DEX can now execute trades in a more efficient way without having to go through the actual AMM, where users would suffer from price impact and receive less in overall value.

Another key feature of the Liquidity Hub is there is no downside to users! If QuickSwap Liquidity Hub can’t process the swap at a better price than the underlying AMM, then the trade will go through on the AMM itself. That means Liquidity Hub can only improve the user experience - worst case scenario, users’ trades route through the AMM contract.

Even better, when a user goes to the QuickSwap Swap tab to make a trade, Liquidity Hub won’t even be visible! Everything takes place in the background, so users can experience the same fantastic UI/UX that QuickSwap provides with better token prices and less price impact.

All that you’ll see now is a popup showing how much you’ve saved and the improvement in price from using the product. It’s a win-win for the dragons! 

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Fiery Facts About QuickSwap Liquidity Hub

So what other cool and unique features does QuickSwap Liquidity Hub bring to the table? Here’s a quick breakdown of what users will be able to experience with this new integration:

  • Zero-Gas Trades: Trades through QuickSwap Liquidity Hub are gassless! However, keep in mind that gas might be factored into solver fees, so not all trades are created equal
  • MEV Protection: Orders are matched off-chain and absent of block producers, meaning users will no longer suffer MEV losses - all funds that would have been lost are instead redistributed to QuickSwap users and the DEX itself
  • Zero-Latency Execution: Smooth, frictionless, and fast swap transaction experience
  • Same Amazing UI: QuickSwap users can swap their tokens on the same trading interface as before, just with more features in the backend!
  • Wallet Features: Token spending approvals are enabled in MetaMask for Liquidity Hub users, and tokens will stay in their Web3 wallet until the trade actually goes through

By using QuickSwap Liquidity Hub, users get all of these sweet features and more.

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Ready to Rumble?

Try out QuickSwap Liquidity Hub for yourself and begin experiencing the next generation of DeFi trading!

QuickSwap’s integration with Orbs Network is helping power the future of swapping on the DEX, optimising the way trades are executed to give users the best possible outcomes. We’re looking to lead the charge and bring this technology to the masses!

Upwards and onwards, dragons. Enjoy the new swapping experience and make sure to spread the word to your frens!