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Potential Airdrop Opportunity! QuickSwap Joins Yoki Origins with Astar zkEVM

April 4th 2024

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QuickSwap has joined Astar Network’s Yoki Origins campaign as an ecosystem partner!

And there are potential airdrops coming for participants.

Yoki Origins is the official Astar zkEVM launch campaign that aims to bring Web3 to the masses. Users can participate by going to the official Yoki Origins microsite, hosted by Astar Network, and engage in ecosystem project campaigns and tasks to qualify for a chance to earn rewards.

By completing ecosystem project tasks and minting NFTs on Astar zkEVM mainnet, users can acquire OMA and open capsules to fuse digital collectibles (Yoki creatures) to rank higher on the Yoki leaderboard to qualify for potential upcoming rewards

Yoki Origins has already started and will end in Q2 2024 (to be announced)..

Access the QuickSwap Yoki Origins campaign here:

Read more below for everything you need to know, including:

  • Key campaign details and mechanics
  • Bridging to Astar zkEVM
  • How to level up and earn points to qualify for a potential airdrop
  • QuickSwap’s YoPort and tasks
  • Exclusive bonus airdrop for QuickSwap YoPort users


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Campaign Overview

Astar Network’s Yoki Origins campaign is a massive 2-month event celebrating the launch of Astar zkEVM mainnet, which is Japanese themed and jam-packed full of fun and exciting quests!

This article will give a high level overview of Yoki Origins and how you can participate in the QuickSwap campaign to potentially qualify for (hint hint) multiple airdrops.

For more up-to-date emails on Yoki Origins, please reference Astar Network’s official blog post guide.

What the heck is a Yoki anyway??

Yoki is Astar’s original characters featured in Yoki Origins, inspired by folklore in Japan, where the artwork is done by professional Japanese illustrators. Throughout the campaign, users can discover, receive, and grow their Yoki.

This is done by interacting with YoPorts, or Japanese “Gacha machines,” of participating projects (more information below).

For the Yoki Origins campaign, the number of Yokis you collect will increase your chances of receiving potential rewards, based on your leaderboard ranking.


What are YoPorts?

As mentioned above, YoPorts are project capsule machines that represent different cultural aspects of Japan.

For example, QuickSwap will have its own YoPort, which will allow users to mint a random (1 out of 10) “Hydra Dragon” NFT after they complete all of the QuickSwap social and on-chain tasks.

These YoPorts are where the real fun takes place, as users will be able to complete tasks and truly engage with the Astar zkEVM ecosystem on chain.



OMA is the Yoki Origins “virtual token” that has utility in the campaign relating to Yoki characters. They’re required to perform various actions within the campaign, such as playing a YoPort to collect a capsule, opening a capsule, fusing Yoki to get a rarer Yoki, and more.

In essence, OMA is essential to being able to acquire more points and level up.

But how do you get OMA?

  • Completing YoPort quests and minting NFTs
  • Logging into the Yoki Origins portal everyday and claiming your daily OMA bonus
  • Minting (limited number) OMA every day

Remember that you can only have a maximum of 50 OMA in your wallet at once, so you need to be mindful and strategic about how you use them.



Here’s a quick summary of the points system of how you can level up on the Yoki Leaderboard (taken from Astar Network’s Medium article):

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How to Bridge to Astar zkEVM Mainnet

To get your funds on Astar zkEVM mainnet (EVM-equivalent Layer 2 chain), you’ll need to bridge via one of the official bridges supporting the network.

Users can bridge from Polygon PoS for a few cents (recommended as the cheapest, most efficient option), Ethereum, or any other supported networks from bridge providers. 

Follow Astar Network’s guide to learn how to bridge. Bridge providers can be found directly on the Astar Network portal.

*Please note that QuickSwap does not endorse any third party official bridges and is not responsible for any lost funds/assets in the process of bridging. Users who bridge assets are advised to exercise caution and do their own research.

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Bonus Airdrop for QuickSwap YoPort “Hydra Dragon” NFT Holders?

There is a possibility of an additional bonus airdrop exclusively for QuickSwap Hydra Dragon NFT holders during the Yoki Origins campaign who have completed social and on-chain tasks. Please note that any potential airdrop amount has not yet been determined and will be decided on after Yoki Origins concludes.

Each Hydra NFT costs $5 to mint in Ethereum (ETH) tokens on Astar zkEVM mainnet, and every mint thereafter (for the same wallet address) is a near-zero cost.

QuickSwap will receive all revenue generated from these NFTs, where a large portion of the revenue (potential to also be 100%) will go back to the community in various ways. Revenue generated could possibly be distributed in the form of an airdrop, additional LP mining rewards, extra rewards for ASTR stakers through QuickSwap dApp staking, and more (to be determined).

Eligible users to receive this potential exclusive airdrop will need to have completed all of the QuickSwap YoPort social and on-chain tasks and mint at least one Hydra Dragon NFT. Remember that there are 10 different Hydra NFTs that will be provided at random to users who mint them - note that while the NFT have different names/attributes/designs, their actual value is the same.

This potential airdrop distribution (token TBD) will go to users who contributed the most by completing the on-chain tasks via the QuickSwap YoPort. After an NFT is minted (when the 24 hour YoPort tasks are unlocked) you can mint an unlimited number of these NFTs before the next 24 hour YoPort unlocks - however, only NFTs minted as a direct result of completing the social and/or on-chain tasks will count.

If you first visit the QuickSwap YoPort and complete the social and on-chain tasks, you’ll be eligible to mint a Hydra Dragon NFT (for $5 in ETH on Astar zkEVM). The YoPort will then be locked for 24 hours, so you will be unable to complete on-chain tasks again - within this 24 hour lock, you can mint unlimited Hydra Dragon NFTs at a near-zero gas cost but this will not contribute towards a potential airdrop. If you want to mint another qualifying Hydra Dragon NFT, you can come back the next day (after the 24 hour lock is over) and repeat the on-chain tasks only, making you eligible.


Here’s a quick example of how a user (Bob) could potentially try to mint multiple Hydra Dragon NFTs:

1. Bob visits the QuickSwap YoPort on Day 1 and completes all social and on-chain tasks on Astar zkEVM

2. Now that he’s completed the tasks, Bob mints his first Hydra Dragon NFT by paying $5 in ETH tokens on Astar zkEVM mainnet

3. Bob wants to complete the on-chain tasks again, so he waits 24 hours and comes back to the QuickSwap YoPort page. He mints a few Hydra NFTs to see which one he can collect in the meantime during the 24 hour lockup period for the YoPort

4. After 24 hours have passed and the YoPort is unlocked, Bob connects his wallet/account to Yoki Origins, where the portal shows that he’s already completed the QuickSwap YoPort social tasks (he does not need to complete them again)

5. Bob completes the QuickSwap YoPort on-chain activities (swap $10+ and LP $10+), where he will then be prompted to mint another Hydra NFT for near-zero gas in ETH tokens

6. Once Bob mints his 2nd NFT, he can continue to come back to the QuickSwap YoPort every 24 hours to continue minting (increasing his chances of receiving the potential airdrop)

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Potential ASTR Airdrop for Yoki Origins Participants

Astar Network may be distributing ASTR tokens (on Astar zkEVM mainnet) to users who make it to the top of the Yoki Leaderboard!

Interacting with the QuickSwap YoPort by completing the social and on-chain tasks (and minting a Hydra Dragon NFT) offers users a way to collect more Yoki and OMA, thereby increasing their chances to receive the token rewards if they rank high enough on the Yoki Leaderboard.

Remember that completing activities for QuickSwap’s YoPort does not automatically qualify users for the ASTR token rewards, but helps you accumulate points. QuickSwap is one of many ecosystem partners participating in Yoki Origins - the more project YoPorts you interact with, the higher your chances.

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Ready for Some Yoki Action?


Ready to get started with Yoki Origins and the QuickSwap YoPort?


Exciting times are ahead, as this is just the beginning of Astar zkEVM and the activities that are planned. Big things are coming, and this is your chance to dive in head first and experience Astar zkEVM’s incredible ecosystem.