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QuickSwap 2023 Year-In-Review

January 2nd 2024

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2023 has been a blockbuster year for QuickSwap and the Polygon ecosystem.

Pioneering innovation. Groundbreaking tech and integrations. Exciting and engaging community initiatives. Sustained growth. DeFi engineering on Polygon at its finest.

All these things come to mind when fully grasping what QuickSwap accomplished in 2023, maximising the DEX’s potential by building out the DragonFi ecosystem to what it is today.

Let’s look at the major highlights for QuickSwap in 2023 and celebrate what an amazing year it’s been!

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On-Chain Stats

Throughout 2023, QuickSwap continued to dominate the Polygon landscape by developing and integrating next-gen technology, deploying on new chains, and much more.

Here are some of the key stats on the DEX across the currently available chains:


Polygon PoS

  • Total Volume: $12B+
  • Peak TVL: $184M
  • Fees Generated: $10.7M
  • Trade Count: 20M

Polygon zkEVM

  • Total Volume: $115M+
  • Peak TVL: $11.15M

QuickPerps (Polygon zkEVM)

  • Total Volume: $118M+
  • Fees Generated: $256K
  • Peak QLP TVL: $10.4M
  • Total Users: ~12K

Manta Pacific

  • Total Volume: $60M+
  • Peak TVL: $20M

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Q1 2023 (January - March)

  • Integrated Unstoppable Domains to allow users to log in to QuickSwap through their domain name
  • Enabled Gamma V3 farms on Polygon PoS, allowing users to participate in farms with active liquidity management so their liquidity doesn’t fall out of range and earn auto-compounding rewards
  • Integrated Brave Wallet on the DEX’s user interface, adding another top-tier wallet to the collection and merging the Brave and dragon communities
  • Went live on Polygon zkEVM mainnet beta and became the #1 DEX in TVL and volume, along with launching multiple campaigns with Layer3 and Galxe to increase adoption
  • New QUICK was listed on Huobi Global, allowing users to trade between the QUICK/USDT pair
  • Cross-chain swaps went live across 25 blockchain networks through QuickSwap via an integration with Axelar and Squid
  • Episode 1 of the All Roads Leads to Polygon X (Twitter) spaces took place on March 9, kicking off the weekly series and featuring top guests like Sandeep Nailwal, Polygon Labs, Animoca Brands, Aavegotchi, Dogechain, Floki Inu, and more!
  • Roc Zacharias and Sameep Sanghania from the QuickSwap community spoke at ETHDubai in mid-march
  • QuickSwap launched its upgraded and sleek Dogechain UI/UX, making it smoother and easier than ever to take part in DogeFi on the network

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Q2 2023 (April - June)

  • QuickSwap’s Gaming Hub received some new features on the UI/UX thanks to the support of VersaGames - many new Polygon games were also added throughout the quarter and year
  • QuickPerps went live, a decentralised perpetual exchange built on Polygon zkEVM. It was a major addition to the DragonFi ecosystem and allows users to trade with up to 50x leverage on popular blue chip assets as well as deposit liquidity into the QLP pool to earn rewards (built with the support of Gravity Finance and Metavault)
  • Integrated with Orbs Network’s dTWAP protocol to enable dTWAP and limit orders on QuickSwap, meaning reduced price impact and less volatility on trades for users
  • Added Phantom to the supported wallet list, a popular Web3 wallet that also features auto-detection for Polygon/Ethereum and automatically adds new & existing tokens for users
  • Integrated with ZenGo wallet, a secure Web3 wallet with no seed phrase vunerability and other advanced security features
  • Deployed QuickSafe on Polygon zkEVM (QuickSwap’s own interface on Safe) to help secure funds on the chain for users leveraging their decentralised custody and asset management service  
  • Integrated Bitget Wallet, an advanced Web3 wallet supporting 90+ blockchain networks with 10M+ users
  • Hosted a Twitter spaces in collaboration with Immutable on Web3 gaming, which had over 27,000 participants!
  • DWF Labs began trading on QuickSwap to provide liquidity and strengthen the QUICK markets on different exchanges

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Q3 2023 (July - September)

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Q4 2023 (October - December)

  • Partnered with Kinetix Finance to help unite Cosmos x Polygon after a governance vote passed, adding a tab for Kava (Kinetix) to the dropdown menu on the website
  • Released the QuickSwap Email Newsletter featuring DEX updates, alpha, featured Polygon projects, giveaways and prizes, and more
  • Revealed the latest 2023 - 2025 QuickSwap roadmap with the full set of plans for the DragonFi ecosystem
  • Native USDC went live on Polygon and was listed on QuickSwap, where a USDC - ETH farm was launched on the DEX
  • Introduced Multiple Fee Tier V3 contracts on Polygon zkEVM, allowing LPs to distribute their funds across different price ranges while benefitting from higher capital efficiency
  • DUCKIES, END, and BOM were whitelisted on QuickSwap and added to the token list
  • METOD was also whitelisted on the QuickSwap DEX, making its way to the token list
  • Integrated Quick Lite, powered by dappOS V2, enabling a single unified account to manage all assets and chains, instantly access QuickSwap from other blockchains, and pay low gas fees in any on-chain asset
  • QuickSwap launched on the Manta Pacific mainnet, immediately offering massive reward incentives for ecosystem participants and kicking off campaigns tied to a MANTA token airdrop from a grant to the dragon community
  • DECATS, SLING, and STONE were whitelisted on QuickSwap and added to the official token list
  • Binance Web3 Wallet added support for QUICK and was integrated on QuickSwap, while also including the dragon community as a part of its initial campaign 
  • QuickSwap launched on the Astar zkEVM testnet, allowing users to experiment on the network before mainnet launch!
  • Masa Finance collaborated with QuickSwap to track overall data analytics and pushed a social campaign live
  • Integrated Okto Wallet on Polygon zkEVM and launched a campaign for QLP liquidity providers on the chain
  • Integrated Steer Protocol’s V3 farms on Manta Pacific, enabling ALM (Automated Liquidity Management) solutions for LPs on the chain for greater capital efficiency, auto-compounding rewards, and more
  • Launched QuickSwap Bonds, a new product and tool on Polygon where users provide liquidity and receive tokens at a discount that vest over time, and projects receive protocol-owned liquidity in return (powered by ApeBond)
  • Sameep Sanghania, from the dragon community, attended Polygon Connect India and spoke on a panel. People onsite also got a chance to visit the QuickSwap booth and collect goodies/merch! 
  • The first pillar (The Future) of DragonFi 2.0 was released, unlocking the next stages of QuickSwap’s journey and expansion to dominate Polygon CDK and beyond - more to come in 2024
  • QuickSwap went live on the X1 (OKX) testnet, a brand new Polygon CDK-powered chain 
  • GONE, ASM, RADAR, wUSDM, weETH, SOULS, USDV, GCR, and VRSW were whitelisted on QuickSwap!
  • A governance vote passed where the community elected in favor (100% yes) of QuickSwap deploying on Immutable zkEVM, a major step forward for the gaming chain to make its way over to the DragonFi ecosystem
  • QuickSwap became an ecosystem partner of Manta New Paradigm, Manta Network’s massive MANTA token airdrop campaign - this is still ongoing and users can take their bridged STONE and/or wUSDM (on Manta Pacific) and farm on QuickSwap’s STONE/wUSDM, STONE/ETH, STONE/ASM, or wUSDM/USDC V3 farms to earn additional yield

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Onwards to 2024!

So many amazing developments and progress took place in 2023. Time has flown by, and now is the moment to put the year in the rearview mirror and look ahead to an even brighter future.

Also a major shoutout to the media outlets for their continued support, including DappRadar, Decrypto, Altcoin Daily, Moby Media, BeinCrypto, CoinGape Media, NFT News Today, Blokcstars Tech, and Crypto Magazine!

With DragonFi 2.0 leading the way as the driving narrative for QuickSwap’s ecosystem, 2024 will be more than just continuing to innovate and build… it will be the year of utter domination.

Get ready - it’s time to fly.