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QuickSwap Governance Proposal: Should QuickSwap Launch on Immutable zkEVM?

December 20th 2023

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QuickSwap is evolving to become even more of a behemoth DEX across the Polygon ecosystem, launching on new chains in a fast and furious fashion. 

With Polygon zkEVM and Manta Pacific already live, plus Astar zkEVM mainnet and other network deployments on the horizon, the DragonFi 2.0 ecosystem is starting to come alive - and quickly. 

One specific area where QuickSwap has been gaining momentum is gaming. Since the launch of the Gaming Hub, in collaboration with VersaGames, users have been able to come to QuickSwap for more than just DeFi with a one-stop shop for some of the most popular Polygon ecosystem games.

News flash - QuickSwap is looking to further tap into the multi-billion dollar blockchain gaming industry and sector. That’s where Immutable comes in, a massive gaming project and ecosystem looking to revolutionise the Web3 gaming sector and bring adoption to the masses.

Immutable zkEVM is a gaming chain built on Ethereum (Layer 2 ZK-rollup in partnership with Polygon) that enables a smooth and powerful UI/UX for gamers and lets game developers handle massive player bases and complex gameplay mechanics coupled with state-of-the-art performance, fast transaction speeds, and low-cost transactions.

The network currently has 1+ million gamers within its ecosystem and $2 billion in investor funding for games building on its network.

For this proposal, the dragon community needs to discuss and vote on whether QuickSwap should launch on the Immutable zkEVM mainnet, which would bring this exciting and innovative gaming chain/ecosystem to the DEX.


  • QuickSwap is continuing its journey to multichain expansion at rapid speeds, already launching on 3 new chains in 2023
  • Blockchain gaming is expected to grow to a nearly $1 trillion industry by 2032 and is anticipated to be a key sector to the growth of the overall digital asset market in the short to medium term - QuickSwap is looking to capitalise on this potential growth
  • Immutable zkEVM is a next-gen gaming chain built on Ethereum that serves as a Layer 2 ZK-rollup, powered by Polygon tech. It offers game developers the tools they need to develop innovative and scalable, secure, and advanced games
  • In this proposal, the QuickSwap community will need to decide if the DEX should deploy on Immutable zkEVM mainnet 
  • No objections are anticipated  to deploying on Immutable zkEVM
  • To begin, the governance discussion on the official QuickSwap Reddit will run until Friday, December 22 at 1:30 AM UTC
  • Once the Reddit discussions finish, a formal Snapshot vote will begin and run until Monday, December 25 at 1:30 AM UTC
  • Once you’ve read this entire blog post, make sure to visit the official QuickSwap Reddit discussion forum to share your perspective with your fellow community members

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Immutable zkEVM: The Gaming Chain of the Future, Powered by Polygon Tech

What makes Immutable zkEVM unique? The chain is specifically built for games that provides EVM compatibility, low transaction costs, immense scalability, and next-gen technology to power the next generation of Web3 gaming within its massive ecosystem.

Developers who build on the chain are well equipped with specialized tools and resources to create more advanced games and gameplay, such as custom smart contracts, in-game economies, and on-chain mechanics.

Immutable’s vast suite of products and smart contract templates enable the seamless development of games, plus an unparalleled gaming experience, while also tapping into Polygon’s ever-growing network of games. Users can craft, upgrade, and incorporate NFTs that can be combined with other NFTs, taking NFTs to the next level.

Additionally, developers who build and players who participate in Immutable zkEVM get the benefit of enhanced Ethereum security, interoperability with other Ethereum games, and access to batching and ZK proofs, ensuring far greater scalability, efficiency, and more.

Immutable zkEVM uses EIP-1559 as its congestion mechanism, meaning less spam and a deterministic gas pricing algorithm - IMX is the native token that’s used to pay gas on the network, where transaction costs are extremely low given it’s built on Polygon-based infrastructure. 

Immutable has also introduced several flagship products that are set to be game-changers to projects and gamers participating within its zkEVM ecosystem:

  • Passport: Blockchain-based identity and non-custodial wallet system allowing gamers on Immutable zkEVM to interact with the chain and Web3 ecosystem games in one place, taking the gaming experience to the next level while providing a more seamless UI/UX
  • Orderbook: Where marketplaces, studios, and creators can boost revenue and liquidity through sharing NFT orders across the largest NFT marketplaces, including attaching fees to orders, enabling custom marketplace experiences to be deployed directly within your own game, and more
  • Checkout: All-in-one payment solution that fully manages the checkout process for a game or marketplace built on Immutable. Projects can provide access to users for them to add tokens, leverage different payment methods, seamlessly trade digital assets, and more


With the testnet live for a few months now, many leading gaming projects are already building on Immutable zkEVM, including MetalCore, Shardbound, Galaxy Commanders, Medieval Empires, Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA, and more. Immutable’s ecosystem partners include the likes of Gamestop, AtomicHub, and others.‍

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QuickSwap x Immutable: Powering the Future of Web3 Gaming

If QuickSwap were to launch on Immutable zkEVM, it would mark the beginning of even greater potential to be unlocked for both ecosystems and a major leap forward for Web3.

Immutable is a leader in the Web3 gaming industry and has been making significant headway in terms of its tech development (including Polygon infrastructure adoption), partnerships, funding, and much more.

QuickSwap users will be able to enjoy their favorite DeFi features like swapping, LPing, and farming through the QuickSwap integration on Immutable zkEVM, leveraging Immutable’s powerful product suite on Immutable zkEVM, all in one place.

Excited for what’s to come? This is only the beginning… 

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Join the Discussion

As always, QuickSwap community members are encouraged to participate in and contribute to QuickSwap governance discussions and proposals across all of QuickSwap’s online forums, especially on Reddit. As a Dragon, you are a valued community member and your opinion matters – but you have to participate in community voting procedures to make it count.

As always, critical decisions guiding QuickSwap’s strategic development will always be determined by way of decentralised governance. QuickSwap’s future is in your hands, so make your voice heard!