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QuickSwap is Live on Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta

March 29th 2023

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Unmatched privacy. Ruthless efficiency. High scalability. Robust security. Our dragons have always been proponents of having these core elements as integral parts of DeFi to make it the best it can be — that moment is finally here.

We’re excited to announce that QuickSwap is now the first DEX to go live on the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta! A recent governance vote passed where our community voted 100% in favor of launching QuickSwap on zkEVM, which has been fully deployed on our site.

This technology is truly unbelievable in every sense of the word — read on to learn more about zkEVM and what’s to come.

Use zkEVM now on QuickSwap:


Say Hello to the Future of Ethereum Scaling

Polygon zkEVM is a decentralised Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution that uses cryptographic zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-Rollups) to provide blazing-fast validation and quick finality to off-chain transactions. With this EVM-compatible infrastructure in place, developers can easily deploy Ethereum-based smart contracts in a transparent manner and benefit from much higher scalability, lower fees, increased privacy/security, and more.

zkEVM is inherently a virtual machine that’s designed to mimic EVM, and these ZK-Rollups run on top of Ethereum’s Mainnet to improve scalability and increase its TPS (transactions per second), where the validity proofs can be easily verified.

But how exactly does it do this? These ZK-Rollups combine large batches of transactions and prove them all to Ethereum’s network through a single zero-knowledge validity proof, hence the improved scalability and efficiency.

Overall, it has much lower costs in comparison to other Layer 1 networks and offers improved transaction finality than other Layer 2s. In a nutshell, Polygon zkEVM is redefining blockchain technology and DeFi, setting itself apart from the pack.


QuickSwap Launches on zkEVM

QuickSwap launching on the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta opens up new and exciting opportunities for DeFi on our DEX. We’ve joined many other Polygon ecosystem projects by supporting zkEVM infrastructure and are leading the charge on the DEX front to onboard new users and expand its reach as far as possible.

Our users can now experience the true essence and power of zkEVM technology directly on our UI to enable a smooth and seamless DeFi experience, including our flagship V3 powered by Algebra.

This is not only a major leap forward for our dragons but also completes the current trifecta of our multichain capabilities, given that QuickSwap now runs on Polygon, Dogechain, and zkEVM. We’re making huge progress in offering a more comprehensive suite of DeFi products and features to our community, one step at a time!

Getting started is easy — before interacting with the QuickSwap interface, make sure you add Polygon zkEVM to your Web3 wallet. Please refer to Polygon’s official documentation to add the information manually or use the Polygon zkEVM Bridge.

Liquidity mining is also coming soon for zkEVM on QuickSwap, allowing users to earn rewards with all the benefits the technology has to offer. To that end, stay tuned for more information!