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QuickSwap Launches New Liquidity Bonds Program!

December 7th 2023

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QuickSwap is excited to announce the launch of a brand new Liquidity Bonds Program in collaboration with ApeBond… more big news for the dragon community!

This program is designed to deepen liquidity on the QuickSwap DEX, introduce creative and effective incentives for LPs, and provide members of the QuickSwap community and beyond with new and exciting ways to earn. 

Check out the product here: 

Now without further ado, let’s talk deets!

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Happy LPs and Protocol-Owned Liquidity

QuickSwap Bonds, powered by ApeBond, allows projects to grow protocol-owned liquidity (POL) by selling tokens at a discount through vesting NFTs in exchange for the users' LP tokens. Raising POL is essential for any DeFi project aiming for sustainability.

So why can this be attractive to users? Users may see a positive Return on Investment (ROI) by acquiring tokens at a discount in exchange for their LPs. The discounts vary depending on token price and demand. Moreover, all Bonds vest linearly over a designated time period, meaning users can claim their tokens as they vest until the end of the vesting term. Keep in mind: the value of the tokens may fluctuate during the vesting period, resulting in a positive or negative ROI.

Bonds are a great product for experienced yield farmers to gain exposure to other Polygon ecosystem projects that participate in QuickSwap’s Bonds program - it’s an opportunity for new users and wallet addresses to enter an ecosystem, allocate capital to liquidity provision, and immediately exchange their LP tokens for a QuickSwap Bond in order to receive discounted tokens to take advantage of potential yields over the vesting period.
Plus, any project providing tokens for a QuickSwap Bond can also attract liquidity for itself while drawing new users and community members - it’s a win-win for everyone!

QuickSwap is always looking to invite more frens to the party, and now is the time!

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So What Bonds Can I Purchase?

Many top Polygon ecosystem projects have joined the party and are offering their own QuickSwap Bonds - exciting stuff for dragons!

Below is a list of the current Polygon projects offering bonds on QuickSwap:

  • Dogelon Mars
  • GensoKishi Online
  • Planet IX
  • BlockWallet 
  • ForestKnight
  • Yellow Duckies
  • Orbs Network
  • Veloce
  • Borderless Money
  • Bitcone
  • Firebot DAO


As time goes on, QuickSwap will be adding more projects into the mix, so make sure to follow the official social media channels for the latest updates!

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The Future of Liquidity, Incentives, and Growing the QuickSwap DeFi Suite

One more important note, dragons!

QuickSwap’s Liquidity Bonds Program has been made possible by the voting power of the vibrant and growing QuickSwap community. As per QuickSwap’s July 18 governance proposal, the community voted in favor of expanding use cases for emissions.

Thank you for launching QuickSwap into the future at warp speed - keep fueling the QuickSwap Bond program fire with your flames!