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QuickSwap Launches on Immutable zkEVM Mainnet

March 9th 2024

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QuickSwap Launches on Immutable zkEVM Mainnet

The time has officially come. A new Citadel has deployed. And it’s bigger than ever.

QuickSwap has launched on Immutable zkEVM mainnet - the Layer 2  EVM ZK-rollup Web3 gaming chain of the future, powered by Polygon. Built for gamers and developers, now available to dragons for DeFi.

Moreover, another step in the evolution of DragonFi 2.0.

High farming rewards are also available for early users - keep reading to find out more.

EVM compatibility, low transaction fees, incredibly high scalability, and Ethereum security - The most cutting-edge technology in gaming with the largest ecosystem in web3.

Pushing the Gaming Hub live was the first step of QuickSwap entering the Polygon gaming ecosystem. Now, QuickSwap has taken the next leap by building on Immutable zkEVM and tapping into the multi-billion dollar blockchain gaming industry.

Immutable has a massive ecosystem of 1+ million gamers and $2 billion in investor funding for games building on its network, and that’s just the beginning.

Read on to learn more about what this means for QuickSwap and Immutable.

What is Immutable zkEVM?

Immutable has been coined as the “Gaming Chain of the Future” and is powered by Polygon. 

The network is built for games and is EVM compatible while providing low transaction costs, high scalability, and a vast product suite to cater to both gamers and developers across its ever-growing ecosystem.

Immutable has its own unique smart contract templates and products that lets developers create games with ease, all while enjoying the benefits of Ethereum security and other core features. 

Within the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem, users can also create, upgrade, and monetise their NFTs across a wide variety of blockchain games.

The network utilises a EIP-1559 congestion mechanism to reduce spam and price gas fees based on a deterministic algorithm, which are already low given it’s built on Polygon’s tech. IMX is the native ecosystem token that’s used to pay gas to transact across the Immutable gaming sphere.

Here are some key products that Immutable offers:

  • Passport: Blockchain-based identity and non-custodial wallet system allowing gamers on Immutable zkEVM to interact with the chain and Web3 ecosystem games in one place, taking the gaming experience to the next level while providing a more seamless UI/UX
  • Orderbook: Where marketplaces, studios, and creators can boost revenue and liquidity through sharing NFT orders across the largest NFT marketplaces, including attaching fees to orders, enabling custom marketplace experiences to be deployed directly within your own game, and more
  • Checkout: All-in-one payment solution that fully manages the checkout process for a game or marketplace built on Immutable. Projects can provide access to users for them to add tokens, leverage different payment methods, seamlessly trade digital assets, and more


Games that have already built on Immutable zkEVM include Shardbound, Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA, MetalCore, Galaxy Commanders, Medieval Empires, and many more.

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Bridging to Immutable zkEVM

Users can now bridge from Ethereum to Immutable zkEVM using the official Immutable zkEVM Bridge

1. Select "Bridge (Move coins) on the left of the screen

2. In the "From" section, select your preferred Web3 wallet and choose "Ethereum"

3. In the "To" section, select which wallet you want to deposit your funds to and select "Immutable zkEVM"

4. Complete the transaction and you're all set!


bridge immtauble

Using QuickSwap on Immutable zkEVM

QuickSwap was live on the Immutable zkEVM testnet for several months beginning in 2023, where the network was battle tested as mainnet was preparing for deployment.

So now that QuickSwap is live on Immutable zkEVM mainnet, how can I get started with using the network?

Simply go to, connect your wallet, and select “Immutable zkEVM Mainnet,” where your wallet will automatically enter the RPC details.

From there, users can choose between swapping or providing liquidity/farming as an LP on Immutable zkEVM.

Remember that gas will need to be paid in IMX, so ensure that you have a sufficient amount of the token in your wallet to cover any transaction fees.

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High LP & Farming Rewards for Early Users!

LPs (liquidity providers) can now earn high farming rewards and incentives on Immutable zkEVM through QuickSwap!

Get started:

WIMX token rewards (in emissions) are available for the following farms:


More farms to come, so stay tuned.

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Taking GameFi to a New Level

QuickSwap is currently the only DEX built on Immutable zkEVM mainnet, making it the go-to platform for everything DeFi on the chain.

Immutable is poised for massive growth and has become a major catalyst for increased adoption across blockchain gaming. QuickSwap is now tapping into this exciting ecosystem, not only bringing DeFi to the Immutable community but also opening the door for more collaborations with games and projects across the network.

As the Immutable zkEVM network continues to grow via QuickSwap, the DEX is positioned to become a leader on the chain and help spark massive adoption. Immutable has been leading the charge in Web3 gaming and has adopted Polygon technology, making it a crucial component to Polygon’s gaming ecosystem and narrative.

The next frontier of GameFi is here, and it’s all happening on Immutable zkEVM through QuickSwap.

Buckle your seatbelts - the party’s just getting started.