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QuickSwap Launches on Manta Pacific, Manta Network’s New Polygon zkEVM Chain

November 7th 2023

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Dragons and mantas unite! Following a 97% vote in favor of the QuickSwap DAO’s October 25 governance proposal, QuickSwap has officially launched on Manta Pacific, Manta Network's Polygon zkEVM chain designed for privacy-focused applications. 

In addition to making its mark as QuickSwap’s fourth Polygon deployment following PoS, Dogechain, and zkEVM, the launch on Manta Pacific is a significant milestone in the growth of both QuickSwap and Manta Network, bringing the power of dragons and mantas together!


First and foremost, QuickSwap’s launch on Manta Pacific opens up a world of opportunities for users within the Manta Network ecosystem – especially those who want access to deep liquidity, a full range of cutting-edge DeFi features, seamless active liquidity management, DAO participation, and more!

Meanwhile, the QuickSwap community also has a lot to look forward to. The Manta team raised $60 million at a $500 million valuation in July 2023, which leaves a lot of potential on the horizon for large incentives and airdrops for early users. An exciting opportunity awaits those who decide to act as first movers LPing, farming, and swapping using QuickSwap on Manta Pacific’s network.

With over 350,000 active addresses and more than $12.5 million in TVL, the Manta Network ecosystem provides a fertile ground for QuickSwap to expand its reach. The integration with Manta Pacific allows QuickSwap to tap into a vibrant community and attract new users from Asian countries and other communities within the Manta sphere - that means more frens for the dragon army! 

So many new growth avenues await...

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Joining the Purple Family: A Stronger Polygon Ecosystem

Manta Network will be leveraging the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to transition from Optimistic Ethereum (OP) to Polygon zkEVM with ease and access its host of perks and features. Now on Polygon’s unrivaled high-performance zkEVM chain, Manta benefits from superior security, lightning-fast transaction finality, enhanced scalability, and of course, wildly improved user experience on an ultra-efficient network.

With Manta Pacific leveraging the power of zkEVM and Polygon CDK for privacy-focused applications, the entire Polygon ecosystem gains yet another powerful tool to attract new users and developers alike. With QuickSwap on board, users can now enjoy a seamless DeFi experience on Manta. Bringing together the power of the dragon army and the privacy of the manta community is no easy task!

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Dive Deep into Manta Network DeFi on QuickSwap!

So, why wait? Change your network to Manta Pacific directly on the QuickSwap chain menu today and start trading and LPing on Manta Pacific’s Polygon zkEVM chain (farms will be live soon). 

You can add the Manta Pacific network to your Web3 wallet here: 

There’s never been a better time to unlock the full potential of the dragon and manta alliance – and who knows, you might just end up on the receiving end of major rewards!

Get started now: