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QuickSwap Launches on X Layer Mainnet, Pushing the Polygon CDK Frontier

May 6th 2024

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After a successful testnet launch in late 2023, OKX has officially pushed their X Layer Mainnet (formerly known as X1 Network) live.

QuickSwap has found a home as one of the first DEXs (decentralised exchanges) on the chain, launching a new Citadel and expanding its Polygon CDK family of networks. A recent governance vote passed where the dragon community voted in favor of this launch, and QuickSwap is moving full speed ahead to bolster activity on the chain.

With QuickSwap now deployed on X Layer Mainnet, it’s time to set a new standard and completely redefine what DeFi looks like on this exciting new Polygon CDK chain.

Infinite opportunities. Powerful features. Much more to come from the dragon DEX.

Moreover, QuickSwap x OKX continue to strengthen the relationship between each other - two titans converging to make one of the biggest splashes in the Polygon ecosystem.

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What is X Layer?

X Layer is a ZK-powered Layer 2 network created by OKX and built using the Polygon CDK tech stack. The chain uses OKB as the native token, where users can move value across both the OKX platform and X Layer network with ease.

With 200+ projects looking to build and deploy on the network, X Layer is poised to be a leading Layer 2 contender and fuel growth across both the OKX and Polygon ecosystems.

The chain is also developer-friendly, allowing them to more seamlessly build in the Web3 space, equipped with strong infrastructure models for dApp creation.

Core features: 

  • Polygon CDK Tech Stack: Leveraging Polygon CDK, X Layer offers near-instant finality, unified liquidity, and independent data availability
  • Secure and Scalable: Developers can deploy any EVM smart contracts and bring assets from OKX, Ethereum, and all other CDK chains aboard X Layer, all with high security and scalability. Polygon CDK allows trustless bridging between Ethereum and Eth L2s, and with AggLayer possibly other L1s.
  • Uniting OKX and Polygon: Both ecosystems are contributing to the development of Polygon CDK and open source ZK Rollup technology, inspiring more innovation, collaboration, and technology adoption
  • Low Tx Costs: X Layer uses zkSNARK which helps make transactions more compact and far cheaper
  • Interoperability with other L2s: When Polygon’s AggLayer & LxLy bridge are fully activated, OKX will be able to bridge trustlessly between Ethereum and all other L2s in the Polygon CDK ecosystem such as Polygon ZKEVM, Polygon Validium, Dogechain, Immutable ZKEVM, Manta, Astar zkEVM, and all other chains which join the CDK ecosystem! 

OKX is one of the largest CEXs (centralised exchanges) in the blockchain space, boasting over 50 million users and billions of dollars in assets. Given their massive community, support, and reach, X Layer is already making headlines and is set to become a true contender in Web3.

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OKX and Dragons Unite: A Collaboration for the Ages

With QuickSwap now live and thriving on X Layer Mainnet, the OKX community can now interact with DeFi on the chain through advanced swaps, LP, and farms. Be on the lookout for more features to come on QuickSwap - this is only the beginning.

As the collaboration between QuickSwap and X Layer grows and solidifies, the dragon DEX will continue to become a leader on the network and help spearhead growth and adoption.

Millions of liquidity is already available on X Layer via QuickSwap, and there’s a lot more planned in terms of new token pairs to be added, farming rewards, campaigns, and more.

Activity is kicking off with a bang, and it’s an exciting time for dragons and OKX community members alike.

QuickSwap will be the main driving force to truly unite the OKX and Polygon ecosystems, one step at a time.

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How to Bridge to X Layer

Bridging to X Layer is simple and easy. There are several 3rd party bridge providers you can use to move your tokens from supported networks to X Layer (i.e. Orbiter Finance, Owlto Finance, Nerve Network, Meson Finance).

The official X Layer bridge can be accessed here: 

 *Please note that QuickSwap does not endorse any bridges or bridge providers. Please do your own research and use at your own risk