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QuickSwap Launches Quick Lite in Powerful Integration with dappOS V2

October 26th 2023

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Hey there, frens! Your favorite Polygon ecosystem DEX is at it again bringing groundbreaking products to market to provide the slickest, fastest, simplest, and easiest user experience in Web3!

This time, QuickSwap is proud to present Quick Lite, a new feature that features simple, one-click commands for transfers and more advanced interactions with dApps (decentralised applications) operating on external blockchains. Until now, cross-chain transfers and bridging between ecosystems have made for tedious, time-consuming, and capital-intensive processes for users. With Quick Lite, users can leave their cross-chain nightmares in the past – where they belong! 

Quick Lite is the product of a powerful integration with dappOS V2. QuickSwap’s friends at dappOS are as committed as we are to streamlining the Web3 experience so users don’t have to spend extra time, funds, and endless clicks navigating different blockchain ecosystems to get the most out of their capital. The dappOS team recently unveiled dappOS V2 which represents a significant leap forward in terms of functionality and user experience that will revolutionise multi-chain operations.

Check it out here:

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What is Quick Lite?

With the support of triple-audited dappOS V2, Quick Lite will allow users to swap, LP, and farm with QuickSwap on Polygon as usual, while executing deposit, withdrawal, and asset transfer functions from a single, unified account. Specifically, users will enjoy access to QuickSwap from other chains, including BNB Chain, Avalanche, Optimism, and Ethereum (with more to come). No more switching networks, paying attention to the distribution of assets, managing a group of different wallet applications and platforms, or obtaining the right token for gas or bridging payments – that’s a job for a DeFi protocol, not a human being. Quick Lite brings a much-needed intent-centric approach to the market - and QuickSwap Dragons wouldn’t have it any other way! 

On Quick Lite users can pay (super low) gas fees in any on-chain asset. Trying to LP and only have USDT? No problem – swap half of it into QUICK, cover the gas fee with USDT, and you’re all set to LP for the QUICK/USDT pair! Are your assets distributed in different chains but you want to use them in one swoop? With Quick Lite, this can be completed with only one signature, with all complicated workflow handled in the background by dappOS V2 solutions. 

And, you guessed it – Quick Lite is 100% decentralised! A super-intuitive UX/UI, one-click cross-chain commands, and empirical decentralisation across the board. That’s what QuickSwap users have come to expect from the DEX’s products and platforms, and that’s what makes Quick Lite the perfect addition to the DragonFi ecosystem suite.

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Get Your DeFi Game On

Now, what are you waiting for? Head to Quick Lite today and get swapping, LPing, farming and more at the click of a button!