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QuickSwap Nails New Milestone as First Host of zkEVM’s Interactive Dashboard

July 19th 2023

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QuickSwap has become the first platform in the Web3 space to host a Polygon zkEVM Interactive Dashboard. Running on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System {BOS} the application dashboard is designed to vastly enhance the zkEVM dApp accessibility and discovery process for new existing users and developers.

Since its March 2023 launch, Polygon zkEVM has been recognized as DeFi’s best-in-class zero knowledge scalability solution. As an unrivaled, EVM-equivalent Layer 2, zkEVM is more poised than ever to begin scaling up its user base and application count alike. 

QuickSwap is excited to be the first zkEVM DeFi protocol to host an interactive dashboard on the chain - a major first step in the onboarding process to bring users into the ecosystem.

The Dashboard at a Glance

Polygon zkEVM’s interactive dashboard has multiple Polygon zkEVM dApps directly through the interface, meaning anyone can quickly access them through QuickSwap with a click of a button. For developers, the accessibility of composable components from leading zkEVM ecosystem applications will make frontend development of new and innovative apps easier than ever before.

QuickSwap’s dashboard will have its own dedicated page, starting off with these featured zkEVM projects: PancakeSwap, Gamma, and Balancer.

Bringing Mass Adoption to zkEVM

Since the QuickSwap DEX’s inaugural launch on Polygon PoS, QuickSwap’s founding mission statement has been twofold: to serve as a bedrock for the development of a robust DeFi landscape on Polygon and pioneer the development of Polygon technologies and the growth of the broader Polygon community.

Following a two-year run building out a Polygon-native DeFi scene and bringing more on-chain activity to the Polygon ecosystem, QuickSwap is on mission to do the same for zkEVM.