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QuickSwap's 2023 - 2025 Roadmap: Dragons Flying to New Heights!

October 19th 2023

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Dragons are always on the hunt for hot and spicy new updates, and the next few years are looking especially fiery for QuickSwap. You’re probably wondering - what does the dragon community have in store? 

Drum roll, please… QuickSwap’s new 2023 - 2025 roadmap has officially been released, and it’s jam-packed with new integrations, tech updates, blockbuster products, features, and much more!

Massive developments are coming to the QuickSwap DEX that will be broken out into several key phases, each with its own milestones.

Check out the high-level roadmap below and keep reading for more details.


Phase 1

To kick things off, the first phase of the roadmap will feature several key products and integrations:

  • Liquidity Hub CLOB DEX Integration: Central Limit Order Book DEX that will enhance the trading experience and match buyers and sellers with the best price at a particular time
  • Chain Expansion: Deployments on new chains - more to come
  • New ALM (Automated Liquidity Managers) Integration: More solutions for ALM coming soon, giving users more control over their LP positions
  • Bonds: Release of QuickSwap Bonds, allowing users to receive discounted tokens (in the form of an NFT) in exchange for providing liquidity

Phase 2 

  • Cross-Chain Perpetual Trades: Execute trades on QuickPerps (built on Polygon zkEVM) directly through other popular chains, such as Polygon PoS, Ethereum, and more in a few clicks
  • Chain Expansion: QuickSwap will be expanding to more chains 
  • Strategy Hub: Automated yield strategies, leverage farming, and one-click DeFi strategies to optimize the user experience
  • Insurance: More developments to come with Profotire and Atomica’s Quickperps QLP insurance

Phase 3

  • Launchpad Integration: A new launchpad is set to deploy on QuickSwap to give new and exciting projects a chance to kickstart their ecosystems and communities
  • QuickPerps V2: More to be revealed… stay tuned
  • New Tokenomics: QUICK’s tokenomics are getting a refresh… exciting updates to come for token holders!
  • QuickSwap NFTs: QuickSwap will be launching a new NFT collection that will provide different forms of utility across the DragonFi ecosystem. New features galore!


Get ready to see the DragonFi ecosystem propel to new heights! All of this and more will be coming to the QuickSwap DEX… it’s only the beginning.

Fasten your seatbelts, dragons. We’re going for a wild ride.