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Everything You Need to Know About QuickSwap’s Brand New Gaming Hub

October 19th 2022

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In conjunction with our partners at VersaGames, the QuickSwap team is pleased to announce the official launch of our Gaming Hub. The decision to launch a Gaming Hub powered by VersaGames was first introduced in our September 30 governance discussion. Then, on October 2, our community officially voted to feature the hub, with an overwhelming 94.1% majority in favor. So, per our community directive, QuickSwap and VersaGames Gaming Hub is live and ready to grow — now, let’s get you over there!


Once you’re on the QuickSwap landing page, you’re only one click away from the newest and latest in the Polygon blockchain gaming scene. Just click “GameHub” in the banner menu at the top of the screen, and let your eyes guide you to whatever piques your interest.


The QuickSwap Gaming Hub at a Glance

In its first iteration, our Gaming Hub is designed to bring the best in Polygon’s gaming scene to our users and to bring the best users from the gaming scene to QuickSwap’s DragonFi ecosystem. The QuickSwap Gaming Hub features 192 games to start, 41 of which are free to play. In addition to free-to-play, scroll down to see the space’s leaders in live and upcoming games.

Whether you’re an experienced blockchain gamer or a newbie just dipping your feet into Web3 gaming for the first time, check out recommended games below under “People also enjoy.”


The Bigger Picture: Building the Future of Web3

As a pioneering force in the Polygon ecosystem, QuickSwap sees DeFi legos playing a supporting role as a foundational infrastructure for all of the Web3 innovation to come. Our mission is to position DragonFi to play an instrumental role in supporting the applications at the cutting edge, whatever they may be. We have identified gaming as one of Web3’s leading sectors that is just beginning to gain traction. On that accord, our VersaGames partnership and Gaming Hub is our first step in establishing QuickSwap as the go-to DeFi environment for Polygon GameFi.

By the way, we still haven’t stopped working to enhance and expand our DeFi offering. If you haven’t already, check out our recently launched lending market, QuickSwap Lend!

TL;DR: It’s never been a better time to be a Dragon.


Synergies Galore: Bringing Together the Best of All Markets

By bringing power back to players via NFTs and in-game opportunities to earn, Web3 gaming has the ingredients to disrupt a billion-dollar gaming industry that is only continuing to grow in its own right.

Web3 gaming projects are hard at work developing sustainable in-game tokenomic models, systems for low-friction exchange, and competitive UIs, so their value proposition can stand out and attract more traditional gamers. As Web3 gaming matures, gamers and capital will migrate to the Web3 space at large, and massive opportunities will present themselves for the platforms in a position to capitalise. Already, QuickSwap’s Gaming Hub and close relationship with VersaGames opens many powerful synergies amongst industry stakeholders, where the QuickSwap Gaming Hub will serve to:

  • Build out the DragonFi ecosystem and broader Polygon DeFi ecosystem
  • Allow for cross-pollination for leading Polygon P2E game communities
  • Form a resource center and social hub to smooth community fragmentation in web3 gaming
  • Draw users to the QuickSwap DEX, Lend, and other native DragonFi tools
  • Support VersaGames in facilitating the adoption of Web3 gaming
  • Build a more robust and vibrant Polygon community for users

If you want to dive deeper into blockchain gaming, our Mother of Dragons was featured on the QuickSwap Gaming Hub Launch Panel hosted by CryptoStache. Along with several other high-profile guests, the panel dove deep into in-game utility tokens, sustainable tokenomics, governance, Web3 challenges and tradeoffs, and more!


And while you’re at it, don’t hesitate to come by and join the QuickSwap community on our official community channels — we’d love to hear from you!