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Say Hello to QuickSwap's New Dogechain UI!

April 3rd 2023

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Dragons and shibes, our communities have come together to become even stronger! We’re excited to announce that QuickSwap’s new & upgraded Dogechain UI has now been integrated into our main website domain, enhancing the DogeFi user experience on their chain.

Users can now trade, LP, and farm on QuickSwap’s Dogechain extension using our new sleek interface through one URL, making the process much faster, smoother, and easier to use. Previously, users needed to use a separate domain to trade on Dogechain via QuickSwap — this is no longer the case, as you can now toggle and connect your wallet between the Polygon, Dogechain, and zkEVM blockchains directly from our main site.

Our goal is to make QuickSwap the leading DEX for Dogechain, allowing shibes and dragons to thrive under one roof.

Learn more about how you can access DogeFi on QuickSwap — we’ve also got some alpha on some exciting things to expect in the near future at the end of this blog.


Swap & Trade Tokens

Swap between your favorite ecosystem coins directly on the Dogechain blockchain via QuickSwap. The following tokens are available for trading:

Dogechain ($DC), Dogecoin ($WDOGE), DogeDragon ($DD), Dogira ($DOGIRA), Dogelauncher ($DCGOD), QuickSwap ($QUICK), Polygon ($MATIC), USD Coin ($USDC), Tether ($USDT), Wrapped Bitcoin ($WBTC), Ethereum ($ETH), & Mai ($MAI).

QuickSwap is sticking to our motto to offer the best DeFi experience possible — that’s why when users trade on Dogechain, they’ll benefit from extremely low gas fees and high transaction speeds. Over time, we also plan to work with other Dogechain projects to explore adding more tokens to the mix.


LP & Farm on Dogechain

LPs (liquidity providers) can deposit token pairs in V3 pools on the Dogechain blockchain to earn a percentage of trading fees proportional to their pool share.

Once you’ve provided liquidity, you can stake your LP tokens in our Dogechain farms to earn rewards in $DD tokens.

Currently available farms on Dogechain are:

  • $USDC/$ETH
  • $DD/$WDOGE

LPing and farming through QuickSwap’s new Dogechain UI is much more user-friendly and intuitive — experience a better and smoother DeFi experience while providing liquidity on QuickSwap and earning rewards in the process.

Note that V2 is currently unavailable for Dogechain pools & farms but is being explored for potential future implementation. For now, users will need to use our V3 and manage their own liquidity and price ranges.


$DD Staking

Enter our Dragon’s Lair on Dogechain, where you can stake to earn additional rewards and put your tokens to use. Time to have some fun, shibes!

$DD (DogeDragon) token holders can stake in the Dragon’s Lair to earn staking rewards in $dDD. $DD is a memecoin used to pay liquidity mining rewards to LPs on Dogechain, providing extra utility for stakers.

It’s super simple to get started — just go to and start staking today!


What’s Next in the Pipeline?

With our newly upgraded Dogechain UI, we’re planning big things to help drive adoption for the chain to make QuickSwap the premier DEX for Dogechain DeFi.

Make sure to stick around and try out Dogechain DeFi on QuickSwap to get a taste of what it’s all about — we’ll be throwing everyone more bones soon!