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Steer Protocol V3 Farms Now Live on QuickSwap’s Manta Pacific Chain! Automated Liquidity Management for Dragons

November 30th 2023

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Dragons, it’s time to roar just a bit louder and welcome Steer Protocol’s new ALM (Automated Liquidity Management) V3 farms to QuickSwap on the Manta Pacific chain!

Steer Protocol becomes the third ALM LP/farm management integration strategy on QuickSwap, following Gamma and A[51] (formerly Unipilot), allowing users to automatically keep their liquidity within designated price ranges and earn greater rewards through auto-compounding.

About Steer Protocol ALM Farms

So what’s the big deal with Steer Protocol’s ALM farms? They’re one of the top automated liquidity managing protocols in the industry with many unique features:

  • Multi-Position Strategies with Secured Off-chain Compute: Unlike most alternative protocol solutions that limit users to just 2-3 positions, Steer Protocol manages a wide variety of positions simultaneously for ALM at a low gas cost due to off-chain compute. Traders get lower slippage, LPs can earn higher fee returns, and the QuickSwap AMM can receive increased trading volume
  • Open to All: QuickSwap and Steer Protocol are fully decentralised, giving any user the ability to create an automated LP position directly on the DEX’s UI/UX
  • Liquidity SDK and Backtesting: Since Steer Protocol’s solution has been integrated on the QuickSwap AMM, QuickSwap receives a full Liquidity SDK and backtesting suite that lets anyone test existing strategies or build/launch one on Steer using programming language of their choice
  • Tons of LP Strategies: Steer Protocol has the largest library of LP strategies on the market (7 individual strategies, with 3 additional ones that will be added in November)
  • Secured Execution: Steer Protocol uses off-chain computing that relies on deterministic execution by all nodes and consensus to do any on-chain execution of strategies. Additionally, each smart vault has other security parameters added such as TWAP, slippage, max supply, and other checks

Steer Yourself Over to These New Farms!

Once you’ve deposited your LP on QuickSwap, you’re ready to farm! There’s a tutorial below, but before you dive in, here’s the list of farms on Manta Pacific you can choose from to start:

  • ETH - USDC
  • ETH - USDT
  • ETH - BTC
  • stETH - ETH
  • MaticX - MATIC

Steer Protocol Smart Pools on QuickSwap Manta Pacific

Be on the lookout on QuickSwap’s socials as more Steer Protocol farms are added!