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Updated Guide to Providing Liquidity & Farming on QuickSwap

August 7th 2023

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Even dragons sometimes need a refresh! QuickSwap has been Polygon's go-to DEX since its inception. Over the years, we’ve continued to expand the DEX's offering to bring the very best of EVM DeFi to the dragon community.

From an improved swap interface to the addition of V3 pools and farms (plus the Gamma V3 integration), we’re always raising the bar. And since QuickSwap dragons can fly (unlike other land creatures) we need to keep raising that bar even higher! 

Today, we’re going to give everyone an updated and quick (no pun intended) crash course on how to provide liquidity (LP) and farm on QuickSwap. Since we’re now multichain (Polygon PoS, Dogechain, & zkEVM), the process will be relatively similar with a few minor modifications.

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LP on V3 with Gamma

With QuickSwap's Gamma V3 pools, your liquidity is automatically managed to keep it within designated price ranges – forget the hassle of monitoring and manually rebalancing your portfolio. V3 also maximises your rewards, thanks to superior capital efficiency. 

*Note that this is only currently available on the Polygon & zkEVM chains.

Now, let’s go over how to LP in QuickSwap’s Gamma V3 pools:

1. Visit and connect your Web3 wallet – the interface will automatically connect you to V3. Make sure you’re also on the Polygon network. 



2. Under Supply Liquidity, select your token pair to continue (for this example, we’ll be using MATIC/USDC).


3. At this stage, you can select a strategy using the “autoMatic” feature (narrow or wide via our Gamma V3 active liquidity management solution), or manually input your designated price ranges.


4. Next, enter your deposit amounts for your selected token pair (if you’re depositing $MATIC as in this example, you’ll need to take an extra step and wrap it to WMATIC). Once complete, click Preview to continue.


5. A popup will appear. Review the details and when everything looks good, click Confirm. Complete the transaction in your Web3 wallet to finish providing liquidity.


Congrats, fellow dragon… you’re all set! It really is that easy to become an LP on QuickSwap. You’ve now received LP tokens from which you can earn trading fees as rewards - you can also review your LP position on the right-hand side of the page.


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LP on V3: New Token Pairs

QuickSwap’s liquidity pools play an integral role in driving growth in the DEX’s TVL while providing users another avenue to earn rewards. When depositing supported token pairs in our pools, users can earn a weighted average of 0.01% to 1.5% of trading fees pending volatility, liquidity concentration, total liquidity, and other key metrics.

Here’s a quick crash course on how to provide liquidity on V3 with pairs that haven’t been previously created:

1. Visit and connect your Web3 wallet. Switch to the Polygon network and you’ll automatically connect to QuickSwap's V3.

2. Select your token pair to provide liquidity. For this example, we will use FTM/DERC. In some cases, you will need to set the initial price by manually calculating one token’s value relative to the other if the system can’t auto-fetch. Once you’re done, click Confirm.


3. Next, select your price range. You can choose between Full Range, Safe, Common, and Expert. You can manually adjust these ranges further if you’d like. Please note that if you’re the only LP and your prices go out of range, users will only be able to trade the token pair one way. 


4. Enter the proportional deposit amounts for which you want to provide liquidity. Next, approve both tokens (if not already enabled), click Preview, and confirm the transaction in your wallet to complete the process.


Yesss, fam! Now you’re a pro LP on QuickSwap, hats off to you! The dragon community will be impressed…

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Although we dragons are fierce creatures and always on the hunt, sometimes we need to chill and let things come to us. QuickSwap’s farms are a great way to earn additional rewards with your LP tokens (Gamma) or NFTs (regular V3). QuickSwap's V3 farms are far more capital efficient than their V2 counterparts, and with Gamma, your portfolio is passively managed to maximise rewards.

In this example, we’ll cover how to stake your LP tokens and farm to earn rewards on QuickSwap’s V3 in a few simple steps.

1. Go to Next, either stay on the Gamma Farms page (automatically selected) or click on QuickSwap Farms (regular V3 farms). 

For this example, we’ll use Gamma Farms, but the farming process is identical for both.


2. Find the farm that contains your corresponding token pair and click the drop-down menu. On the left, enter the number of LP tokens you want to stake, click Approve, complete the transaction in your wallet, and click Stake LP Tokens to finish the process.


3. Your LP tokens have now been staked and you’ll immediately begin earning farming rewards in dQUICK and WMATIC.


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Easy, Right?

Using QuickSwap to LP and farm is easier than ever, thanks to a series of technical upgrades and improvements. There are plenty of ERC20 tokens to choose from on Polygon, zkEVM, & Dogechain, which means endless options for LPing and farming.

Whether you choose to go with QuickSwap's V3 (Gamma or regular pools) or V2, earning rewards is just a few clicks away!