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QuickSwap Adds Support for ZenGo Wallet: Polygon’s 1st Self-Custodial Wallet with No Seed Phrase Vulnerability

May 10th 2023

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Decentralisation and self-custody have always remained true to our dragon community. At QuickSwap, we care about the security of our users and are taking massive leaps forward to keep improving at making our DEX as safe as possible.

Secure DeFi on QuickSwap equals happy dragons!

To take us another step further, we’ve integrated the ZenGo wallet into our DEX! With over 800,000 users since 2019 and not a single account hacked or taken over, ZenGo has game-changing security features that our QuickSwap dragons can take advantage of now!

Keep reading to learn more about the wallet and integration.

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About the ZenGo Wallet

ZenGo is a popular multichain Web3 wallet that’s best known for its security and distinct features over other providers, setting the industry standard for the Polygon ecosystem.

Most importantly, it’s the only self-custodial wallet with no seed phrase vulnerability by using MPC cryptography as an alternative - this means your assets in ZenGo are far more secure.

ZenGo’s wallet recovery process relies on 3 factors (3FA), one of which is a private, encrypted biometric 3D FaceLock that ensures no one can recover your wallet but you.

Other features include

  • A built-in Web3 firewall
  • Support for 70+ popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more
  • Ability to store and interact with NFTs, DeFi, and dApps

Their app also gives users real-time notifications and alerts surrounding any sensitive Web3 hacks.

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What Does This Mean for QuickSwap Users?

We’re excited to enable ZenGo access on QuickSwap for their user base and our community. ZenGo’s features and extremely robust security measures make it one of the safest Web3 wallets on the market, making it a perfect fit for our DEX.

Not only has ZenGo already established a strong reputation across the crypto industry but it’s also the first non-custodial wallet on Polygon with no seed phrase vulnerability.

Adding ZenGo to our wallet list makes QuickSwap a much stronger platform, giving our users more choices when it comes to how they want to store their tokens and engage in DeFi on Polygon.

ZenGo is definitely making big waves across the Polygon ecosystem and beyond, and we’re hopping aboard for the ride.

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Connecting your ZenGo wallet to QuickSwap can be completed in a few easy steps — see below for a quick tutorial.

1. Download the ZenGo Wallet from their website (make sure you’re using WalletConnect if you’re on a desktop)

2. Go to and click Connect Wallet in the upper right corner of our homepage. Select ZenGo from the menu and log in to your wallet.


3. Voila — you’re ready to go! Enjoy using ZenGo on QuickSwap, dragons!

We’ll be doing some exciting additional collaborations with ZenGo soon, so make sure to follow QuickSwap and ZenGo on Twitter!