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Manta Pacific Bridge: Bridge to and Swap on Manta Network

February 20th 2024

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Welcome to the world of Manta Network, the Web3 space’s hottest new EVM-equivalent blockchain ecosystem. In addition to supporting standard smart contracts and privacy-focused features powered by zero-knowledge tech, Manta has taken an impressive foray into the DeFi industry with the launch of its Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) chain, Manta Pacific.

Impressive in its own right, Manta Pacific is quickly amassing a robust user base of DeFi traders following the deployment of QuickSwap, Manta’s leading DEX (Decentralised Exchange) in terms of Total Value Locked (TVL). In order to get involved in the action while it’s still early and major growth opportunities abound, users only need to learn how to bridge their capital to Manta Pacific and get swapping on QuickSwap’s seamless, high-performance DEX.

For users looking to get ahead of the curve, there’s never been a better opportunity to become an early adopter of a powerful ecosystem with massive growth potential.

Bridging to Manta Pacific

Bridging is an essential process that allows users to transfer tokens from one blockchain network to another. As a user-friendly chain, Manta Network supports various bridges that facilitate the movement of assets to and from Manta Pacific.

Manta Pacific Bridge: First and foremost, Manta Network offers its own official bridge developed in-house, which is intended to provide secure and reliable token transfers. The Manta Pacific Bridge is designed to allow users to bridge their assets with ease. To bridge assets from Ethereum, simply select the token of your choice, input the amount, and then click the “deposit” button.

The Manta Pacific Bridge supports a wide array of leading assets, including ETH, USDT, MANTA, and USDC. For further simplicity, the bridge also supports withdrawal functions.

In addition to Manta’s in-house bridge, a number of third-party bridges support cross-chain transfers to and from Manta Pacific. Orbiter, Meson, Owlto, Layerswap, and a number of other bridges serve to create a distributed, censorship-resistant environment for cross-chain transfers and enhance Manta’s interoperability. Operating these bridges involves a very similar process to that of the Manta Pacific Bridge.

QuickSwap: The Leading DEX on Manta Pacific

Once you have successfully bridged your assets to Manta Pacific, swapping is as smooth as it is cheap. Rising far above the competition, QuickSwap is the go-to Manta DEX based on user activity and liquidity, currently sitting above $20 million in TVL.

As a Manta DEX committed to providing a comprehensive DeFi experience, QuickSwap supports high-performance swaps, liquidity provision, and of course, farming. To get involved with the top Manta DEX in Web3, executing a swap is a great way to start. The best part: it only takes four easy steps that you can complete in well under a minute.

Step 1 – Connect Your Wallet: To get started, connect your preferred Web3 wallet to the Manta Pacific network. QuickSwap supports various leading wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet, ensuring compatibility for a wide range of users.

Step 2 – Choose Your Token Pair: Once your wallet is connected, select the tokens you wish to swap from the available options on the QuickSwap Manta DEX interface, which is diverse and continues to grow.

Step 3 – Specify Swap Details: Enter the desired amount of tokens you would like to swap and select the token pair you wish to trade. QuickSwap provides real-time price information, ensuring transparency and accuracy for your trade.

Step 4 – Confirm and Execute: Review the details of your swap and ensure everything is correct. Once you are satisfied, confirm the transaction and execute the swap. The QuickSwap Manta DEX leverages the speed and efficiency of the Manta Pacific network to provide near-instantaneous transaction finality.


The Manta Pacific Bridge and QuickSwap Manta DEX provide users with a seamless experience for bridging assets and executing seamless swaps. With various bridges available and QuickSwap's impressive TVL supplying deep liquidity, Manta Network is building out a robust DeFi for traders looking to explore decentralized protocols and implement unique trading strategies.