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Polygon DEX: Which is the Best DEX on Polygon & Polygon zkEVM?

August 29th 2023

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Polygon is one of the Web3 space’s most powerful and dynamic Layer 2 ecosystems for good reason. For one, Polygon has consistently maintained its place at the forefront of the scalability race by continuing to innovate and deliver industry-leading scalability solutions that provide ultra-fast transactions and low fees. Its latest chain, Polygon zkEVM, is emblematic of Polygon’s unrivaled technical expertise in both EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) technology and zero-knowledge proofs. Just as important, Polygon has executed effectively in producing marketing campaigns and business development initiatives to expand its community of decentralized applications (dApps), promote the growth of its user base, and achieve deep on-chain liquidity to satisfy the demands of new and experienced traders alike.

With a massive community of users, entrepreneurs, developers, and visionaries behind it, Polygon has become Web3’s premier ecosystem for dApps – especially in DeFi (decentralized finance). When it comes to DeFi, there is no platform of greater importance than a DEX (decentralized exchange), whose role facilitating low-cost swaps, providing deep liquidity, and listing an array of projects’ native tokens plays an integral role in supporting a Layer 2 ecosystem, its brand, and its growth potential.

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DEXs on Polygon: Picking Out the Best of the Best

Of course, evaluating the Polygon DEX scene to find the very best DEX in the pack is a subjective task. After all, there are many different metrics and data points that can be used to evaluate DEXs, including Total Value Locked (TVL), yields opportunities, asset availability, liquidity management strategies, transactions fees and speeds, branding and ecosystem partnerships, and more. Blue-chip DEXs Uniswap and SushiSwap are both active on Polygon, while Firebird Finance’s high-powered exchange and Anyswap’s cross-chain tools have enticed users with their respective brands and features.

However, there is one Polygon DEX that has consistently stood out from the rest of the pack to many avid users as the leading DEX on the Polygon scene. The QuickSwap DEX was launched on Polygon in 2020 as an early-stage player dedicated to acting as a pioneering force for Polygon’s scalability technologies and core community. Since its launch, QuickSwap has repeatedly promoted the Polygon ecosystem, joined forces with its core team and other ecosystem projects, run potent marketing campaigns, generously rewarded users, and consistently hit new milestones in TVL (currently the highest of all DEXs on Polygon) and farming rates. Best of all, QuickSwap continues to focus on integrating Polygon’s newest technologies to deliver new cutting-edge features. 

In fact, QuickSwap has already launched its DEX on Polygon zkEVM where it is not only the leading Polygon DEX in TVL, but the leading Polygon dApp as well. Whether or not QuickSwap is the best DEX on Polygon is subjective, however it is certainly making a concerted, unwavering effort characteristic of an ecosystem leader.

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The QuickSwap DEX: Trusted, Respected, and Revered Throughout the Polygon Ecosystem

Today, QuickSwap is revered by many throughout the Polygon community and beyond as one of the ecosystem’s longest running, most trusted, and highly respected applications. In the data department, QuickSwap not only leads all dApps on Polygon zkEVM in terms of TVL, but also leads the entire Polygon DEX scene with the largest TVL and the largest volume of rewards paid out to users.

Although it’s impossible to objectively label any DEX as the best DEX on Polygon, QuickSwap has certainly earned the attention and appreciation of the entire Polygon community, its most prominent traders, and even its core contributors such as Sandeep Nailwal, who recently applauded QuickSwap’s impressive growth in monthly trading volume on Twitter. As the Polygon ecosystem continues to expand and push the frontiers of what Layer 2 scalability technologies are capable of, QuickSwap will be there every step of the way as a brand partner, ecosystem leader, powerful public voice, and of course, an industry-leading DEX.