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USDC Polygon: How to Buy USDC on Polygon & Polygon zkEVM

July 19th 2023

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Volatility has long been one of the greatest barriers to the adoption of Web3 technologies and digital assets. In the last few years, stablecoins have amassed over 100 billion dollars in market capitalisation by serving as a primary solution for crypto traders looking to store capital on-chain while protecting themselves from the volatile price swings for which crypto has become notorious. 

Within the stablecoin sector, few tokens have become as widely trusted or respected as Circle’s USDC, whose $27 billion market capitalisation is second only to USDT, and whose reserve management, timely reporting, and professional branding are second to none. In the crypto space in 2023, many wise traders are keeping their portfolio balanced with a healthy allocation of USDC to prepare for sudden buying opportunities as well as to earn yields through staking and farming. The only major question facing traders has been where to buy USDC, and how to get ahold of it for the lowest fees. 

For those in the know, buying USDC on Polygon and Polygon zkEVM is one of the cheapest, fastest, and surest ways to balance a winning crypto portfolio. The best part: buying USDC on both Polygon networks is easier than ever, thanks to QuickSwap.

Buying USDC on Polygon

There are a lot of reasons to buy USDC on the Polygon network, which is the Web3 space’s leading Layer 2 scaling solution built to scale Ethereum. One of the most prominent reasons is Polygon’s near-zero transaction fees, which are among the lowest anywhere in the Web3 space. Many traders have been left frustrated when executing crypto transactions on other chains such as Ethereum Layer 1, where they have been forced to pay ten, twenty, and even one hundred dollars per transaction. With Polygon, high fees are a nightmare of the past.

A second reason traders prefer Polygon is its lightning-fast transactions, where network congestion never keeps traders waiting and wondering if their transaction requests went through. Whether they’re buying or selling USDC on Polygon, traders can rest assured that their orders settle instantly, and their Web3 wallets will prove it. Simply put, USDC Polygon gives traders more of what they want, in an easily accessible manner.

One more especially powerful reason traders and investors of all creeds love Polygon is the burgeoning DeFi (decentralised finance) ecosystem that lives on Polygon. When users buy or move their USDC to Polygon, they can earn yield from a number of different DeFi platforms by serving as liquidity providers – LPs for short. Users simply pair their USDC Polygon with another token such as MATIC, USDT, or several others, and provide liquidity for a specific trading pair on an exchange to receive an LP token in return. Users may then farm rewards by staking their LP tokens to earn yields that continue accumulating over time. For many users with USDC on Polygon, the QuickSwap decentralised exchange (DEX) is the go-to DeFi platform to earn additional returns on their USDC Polygon.

Buying USDC on Polygon zkEVM

For traders that already love USDC and want more cutting-edge scalability technology with epic transaction speeds, Polygon zkEVM offers an even more powerful opportunity. zkEVM is Polygon’s newest chain, where transaction fees are lower than ever, and transaction speeds are faster than ever. Polygon’s leading DeFi protocols are deploying on Polygon zkEVM at an increasing rate, so there are more opportunities to buy USDC on zkEVM than ever before. In fact, the QuickSwap DEX is already there, so users can buy USDC Polygon on Polygon zkEVM, and then provide liquidity and begin farming to earn rewards.


No matter what your goals are in crypto, hedging volatility risk is important, and picking the right stablecoin is equally as important. But if you go through all the work researching stablecoins and identify USDC as your top choice, make sure you go to the right place to buy it. USDC Polygon is among the best choices in stablecoins thanks to Circle’s solid reputation and USDC’s deep liquidity on Polygon’s high-speed, low-fee network.